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Makto Saves the World

Article by Sleskesty - July 9, 2017

Hello world, I’m Sleskesty I’m not a big name among the Eternal community, however, I am masters in ranked and diamond in draft. I’d like to talk to you about a card that was spoiled last week which is Inquisitor Makto. Makto starts as a 5/5 flier for five power and although these stats immediately give me a sense of Impending Doom, let’s compare the drawbacks of Impending Doom to the advantages of Inquisitor Makto.

Once we start talking about the big ol’nightmare, Impending Doom, we’ve got to talk about the downside, which is the one point of damage dealt a turn that is nearly a nonexistent issue. So removing that for an extra power is underwhelming. One point of comparison between these two powerhouses before getting to Makto’s revenge is his cost and second faction.

Currently, Impending Doom dies to a lot of removal such as, Annihilate, Vanquish, Permafrost, Sandstorm Titan and soon to be Banish. While Impending Doom has to contend with all of this and its drawbacks become much worse after being stuck on board with a Permafrost, Makto manages to dodge both Banish and Annihilate without issue. Sandstorm Titan still bricks Makto, however Makto’s color Identity has 3 top tier removal spells that hit Sandstorm Titan making the poster boy fatty less of a threat. Finally, Permafrost is Makto’s natural predator leaving him dead on board with no relevance, but Vanquish loses power in the face of revenge.

Revenge itself is something that shouldn’t be considered outside of long grindy games. So what deck feeds into an archetype that wants powerful resilient threats that is going to play long games?

Armory is a natural fit for Makto as he has the ability to hold the board and is an evasive threat that fits a slot the deck wants. With Harsh Rule, Inquisitor Makto gains some resilience to Permafrost while also being able to dodge most weapons in the mirror.

Makto’s incredible stats could also easily be ported into a midrange list.

This is a fairly rough list but I could imagine Inquisitor Makto slotting into something like this. This may be a larger midrange control deck but I think it has legs against the current meta as Steward of the Past is a powerful addition against Haunting Scream decks. In this deck, the removal suite catches most threats while Valkyrie Enforcer pulls double duty stripping aegis and nullifying annoying threats as well as being an efficient body. In midrange strategies rate and efficiency is normally the name of the game and Makto slots perfectly into a deck like this. He’s an efficient curve topper and makes use of Paladin's Oath Book in a really nice way. Once shuffled in he should retain his buffs meaning that Makto becomes an even more potent threat.

Although Makto doesn’t naturally fit into aggro decks a more controlling midrange list like this could be a contender in the new meta. Even though we are still missing the champions for most factions and the argenport modal spell I look forward to testing with Makto. I hope to see you all in game and remember, Makto’s revenge never ends.


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