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Spire Shadows

Card image for Spire Shadows

Once per turn, when you draw a unit with higher cost than strength, swap them.


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Card Information

Type Spell
Rarity Rare
Set Campaign
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Eternal ID #18
Faction Multi - Xenan
Decks on Site View 134 Decks
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Expedition #15
November 2 to December 14, 2020
Expedition #14
September 1 to November 2, 2020
Expedition #13
August 10-31, 2020
Expedition #12
June 24 to August 10, 2020
Expedition #11
May 12 to June 24, 2020
Expedition #10
May 4-12, 2020


neoseek Edited Eternal Version: 23.11.09
First of all, I can say that this card breaks the game and makes for a boring matchup. I don't understand why you made it a card that affects all decks. The cost paid is not at all commensurate with the effect. Furthermore, it overturns all the basic rules that certain units have low status and high mana cost because of their strong card text. What is the text and status for? I don't understand it at all. At the very least it should only be on the top of the deck. The creator has no sense. The card should be banned immediately. this is one of those cards that should be removed because it has very problematic behavior. There is no way to deal with it because the reduced cost of play is broken. and it affects everything in the deck. It is possible to negate the card from playing itself, but it is not a realistic solution. As such, it is one of the ugliest cards that DWD has ever designed.

If cards like this are acceptable, I think we should just release cards that do 25 points of direct damage for 2 mana.
4177C Edited Eternal Version: 23.11.09
I agree neoseek. Im ashamed that I had to jump on the bandwagon. btw the name of my deck is "I hate myself".
Fixi Edited Eternal Version: 23.08.17
This card is why i stopped supporting Dire Wolf with any purchases after many years of support. What's the next card, "I Win, cost 1, this card can't be negated" ?

Dire Wolf has lost track of the concept of "counter play" and it has a dramatic impact on how good the game is... This card makes it bad.
neolights2363 Eternal Version: 23.03.01
This card needs to be nerfed 😂