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Toxic Cloud

Card image for Toxic Cloud

Deadly, Stealth
When Toxic Cloud hits the enemy player, they discard a card of their choice from their hand.


Deadly - Units and spells with Deadly kill any unit they damage, regardless of health. For example, a 1/1 with Deadly can kill a 5/5 attacker.
Stealth - When you play a Stealth unit it will be Hidden from your opponent. They won’t be able to see what is, including its stats.

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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Uncommon
Set Revelations [Set11]
Eternal ID #153
Faction Shadow
Race Elemental
Shiftstone Cost 100
Shiftstone Premium 1,600
Decks on Site View 12 Decks
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Expedition #26
March 2 to May 11, 2022
Expedition #25
February 2 to March 2, 2022
Expedition #24
November 11, 2021 to February 2, 2022
Expedition #23
July 21 to November 11, 2021
Expedition #22
May 18 to July 21, 2021


Shigekims Eternal Version: 23.08.17
Apparently you need to hit AND deal damage, or it doesn't proc. (Opponent was at 1 life with Makto, Valorous Savior, they got hit but did not discard.)