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The Creation Project

Card image for The Creation Project

Your units have +1/+1.
At the start of your turn, the top card of your deck gets Warp this turn.


Warp - You can see cards with Warp when they are on top of your deck, and you can play them as if they were in your hand.

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Card Information

Group Type Attachment
Type Relic
Rarity Legendary
Set Campaign
Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]
Eternal ID #24
Faction Multi - Creation
Decks on Site View 247 Decks
Card Wiki View in Wiki


Expedition #28
January 18 to October 18, 2023
Expedition #27
May 11, 2022 to January 18, 2023


neoseek Eternal Version: 23.11.09
If the text of warp is listed, then +1/+1 is not necessary. If the same card is drawn, it is +2/+2, so there is no disadvantage. This is one of the cards that should be removed because the effect of the card is not at all commensurate with the cost paid.
ClaireJoyful Eternal Version: 23.03.08
Pre-nerf at 3, this was absolutely broken.
At 4, it's still incredibly good. Drawing two cards a turn is bonkers.
Comment Deleted