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Wyatt, Trashman

Card image for Wyatt, Trashman

Inscribe, Reckless, Revenge
Pay 3 to draw a card. At the end of your turn, discard it.


Depleted - Isn't usable the turn it is played.
Reckless - Units with Reckless must attack.
Revenge - When a card with Revenge dies, it permanently loses Revenge and gains Destiny and then it is put randomly into the top ten cards of its owner's deck.
Inscribe - Can be played as the card itself, or as a depleted power of the appropriate faction. This still counts towards your one power for the turn.

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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Rare
Set Cold Hunt [Set12]
Eternal ID #23
Faction Fire
Race Gunslinger
Shiftstone Cost 800
Shiftstone Premium 3,200
Decks on Site View 52 Decks
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Expedition #27
May 11, 2022 to January 18, 2023
Expedition #26
March 2 to May 11, 2022
Expedition #25
February 2 to March 2, 2022
Expedition #24
November 11, 2021 to February 2, 2022


Lifeseeker128 Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I LOVE simply using this guy as a pinch red... His other abilities aren't too great unless you're desperate, mid-game bruiser at best that doesn't know when to stop bruising and gets itself killed. Poor old man can't find his good stuff... Funny that he says he finds what it is as he's dying, tho. LOL