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Grumbo, Tota Legend

Card image for Grumbo, Tota Legend

When you play another unit, you gain 1 Health and Grumbo gets +1/+1.


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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Rare
Set Unleashed [Set13]
Eternal ID #42
Faction Time
Race Hero
Shiftstone Cost 800
Shiftstone Premium 3,200
Decks on Site View 121 Decks
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Expedition #28
January 18 to October 18, 2023
Expedition #27
May 11, 2022 to January 18, 2023


pal Eternal Version: 22.05.11
when grumbo gets covid, covid apologizes and leaves his body
when grumbo is late to class, his teacher apologizes for being too early
when grumbo orders at a restaurant, the waiter tips him
when grumbo makes a spelling mistake, the dictionary gets updated
when grumbo call 911, he asks them what their emergency is
pal Edited Eternal Version: 22.05.11
grumbo the kinda guy who isnt scared of his insecurities, his insecurities are scared of him
grumbo the kinda guy who makes cookies accept his own terms of service
grumbo the kinda guy to raise his own parents
grumbo the kinda guy to fully read terms & conditions and clicks "I disagree"

Vaerth Eternal Version: 22.05.11
I once asked Grumbo if I could borrow $5 and he gave me a $20.
dbrugler Eternal Version: 22.05.11
Grumbo is my real dad