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Raniya, Miviox Maniac

Card image for Raniya, Miviox Maniac

Card image for Breath of Miviox
Flying, Deadly, Taunt
Contract 5: Play Breath of Miviox.
When a unit dies, you gain 2 Health.


Deadly - Units and spells with Deadly kill any unit they damage, regardless of health. For example, a 1/1 with Deadly can kill a 5/5 attacker.
Flying - Flying units can only be blocked by other flying units, but can block ground units normally. They can also be directly attacked by Killer units and Relic Weapons.
Contract - You may pay the number in additional power to get its bonus. If you don’t have enough power to pay some or all of the Contract, the remaining balance is applied as “debt” that is paid at the start of the next turn.
Debt - Your available power is spent to pay off Debt. If you can't pay it all, you pay at the start of your next turn.
Taunt - This unit must be blocked.

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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Promo
Set Unleashed [Set13]
Eternal ID #451
Faction Multi - Stonescar
Race Rogue
Shiftstone Cost 600
Shiftstone Premium 2,400
Decks on Site View 155 Decks
Card Wiki View in Wiki


Expedition #28
January 18 to October 18, 2023
Expedition #27
May 11, 2022 to January 18, 2023


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