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Rift Siphon

Card image for Rift Siphon

When a unit hits the cursed player, it Hunts 1.


Hunt - The enemy player will discard the specified number of cards from the top of their deck and the hunter receives +1/+1 for each non-power discarded that way. Any power discarded this way, you will draw an Advantage that gives +1 power for each. 

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Card Information

Group Type Attachment
Type Cursed Relic
Rarity Uncommon
Set Battle Lines [Set15]
Eternal ID #130
Faction Shadow
Shiftstone Cost 100
Shiftstone Premium 1,600
Decks on Site View 63 Decks
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Expedition #29
October 18, 2023


neoseek Edited Eternal Version: 24.05.01
This card is not a good card. The stress is too high and the card is too powerful. I think the keyword Hunt is a failure to begin with. The effect of the card is unpleasant. But if you want to win, you should use it. The effect is that strong.
BorisBritva Eternal Version: 23.12.06
The game has become a wastebasket; The game now has cards that are always present in the starting hand. Another card for a fair game - victory.