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Molot & Nakova

Card image for Molot & Nakova

Flying, Aegis
Spark: Deal 4 damage to each enemy.

Aegis - Aegis protects a unit or player from one enemy spell or effect. It doesn't block friendly effects, nor does it stop battle damage from Killer attacks, Relic Weapons, or normal attack and blocking.
Flying - Flying units can only be blocked by other flying units, but can block ground units normally. They can also be directly attacked by Killer units and Relic Weapons.
Spark - Cards with Spark have an additional effect when played after the enemy player has taken damage this turn.

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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Legendary
Set Omens of the Past [Set2]
Eternal ID #199
Faction Multi - Skycrag
Race Dragon
Shiftstone Cost 3,200
Shiftstone Premium 9,600
Decks on Site View 472 Decks
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Sidders1943 Eternal Version: 1.37
Tier 0 waifu
Anewere Eternal Version: 1.22.3
Vamos caçar irma.
sem chance irmão.