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Crownwatch Press-Gang

Card image for Crownwatch Press-Gang

Summon: Draw a 1-cost unit of your choice from your deck.

Summon - Does something when played
Revenge - When a card with Revenge dies, it permanently loses Revenge and gains Destiny and then it is put randomly into the top ten cards of its owner's deck.

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Power Level

Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Rare
Set Omens of the Past [Set2]
Eternal ID #92
Faction Justice
Race Soldier
Shiftstone Cost 800
Shiftstone Premium 3,200
Decks on Site View 675 Decks
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screamqueen Eternal Version: 1.37.4
So folks know: as of 1.37, this card is available in the Argenport Vengeance theme deck in the store, 2500 gold / 250 gems. Assuming you don't need the other rares, that's 2500 gold for ~1200 shiftstone (800 for the pressgang you would otherwise have to craft, 200 for destroying each of the other rares). That's roughly 2 gold -> 1 shiftstone, compared to a pack, which is 3.3 gold -> 1 shiftstone.