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Mighty Strikes

Card image for Mighty Strikes

Give a unit +2/+2 and Overwhelm this turn.
Amplify 2: Give a unit +2/+2 and Overwhelm this turn.

Overwhelm - A unit or spell with Overwhelm will deal any excess damage to your opponent on your turn (does not work while blocking).
Amplify - Cards with Amplify will let you repeat their effect when played if you have the extra power specified by the Amplify number. It is optional and may be used more than once.

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Power Level

Card Information

Group Type Spell
Type Fast Spell
Rarity Common
Set Defiance [Set5]
Eternal ID #214
Faction Multi - Skycrag
Shiftstone Cost 50
Shiftstone Premium 800
Decks on Site View 136 Decks
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Expedition #21
April 20, 2021
Expedition #20
March 23 to April 20, 2021
Expedition #19
February 24 to March 23, 2021
Expedition #18
February 11-23, 2021
Expedition #17
January 8 to February 11, 2021
Expedition #16
December 15, 2020 to January 8, 2021
Expedition #2
August 5 to October 6, 2019
Expedition #1
July 1 to August 5, 2019


Alegis Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
This card is nuts in draft and excellent for finishing a stuck end state. Combines well with Dune Painter