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Tumbling Sloth

Card image for Tumbling Sloth

Ambush while you have a relic.

Ambush - An ambush unit can be played at the end of the enemy player's turn, or any time they are attacking you. If you played against a Killer or Relic Weapon attack, an Ambush unit will jump in the way to block that attack.

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Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Common
Set Defiance [Set5]
Eternal ID #234
Faction Multi - Auralian
Race Sloth
Shiftstone Cost 50
Shiftstone Premium 800
Decks on Site View 57 Decks
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Expedition #11
May 12 to June 24, 2020
Expedition #2
August 5 to October 6, 2019
Expedition #1
July 1 to August 5, 2019


BarnacleEd Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Basically a "worse Ayan, the Abductor for Auralian" which ain't great. Statline is pretty OK for a 3 drop but having the ambush be conditional-only is rough. That said, OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT HOW CUTE AND HAPPY HE IS! Best artwork of set 5, no contest.