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Cen Wastes Smuggler

Summon: You may choose a card from your hand to swap with a or card in your Black Market.
Shift 3


Summon - Does something when played
Market - Merchants allow you to store up to five cards in your Market when you build a deck. When cards are retrieved from a Market, they are drawn.
Shift - When played, you may instead pay the Shift cost. Shifted units can't attack, block, or be selected until they emerge.
Emerge - After three turns, Shifted units emerge and get Unblockable that turn.

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Power Level
Power Level

Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Rare
Set Dark Frontier [Set6]
Eternal ID #229
Faction Multi - Stonescar
Race Merchant
Shiftstone Cost 800
Shiftstone Premium 3,200
Decks on Site View 276 Decks
Card Wiki View In Wiki


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