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Zaxo Leviathan

Decay, Overwhelm
Entomb: Play the top card of your deck. If it costs 3 or more, repeat this ability.

Entomb - The ability of a unit with Entomb will activate when it dies. This combines well with effects that sacrifice units as a cost.
Overwhelm - A unit or spell with Overwhelm will deal any excess damage to your opponent on your turn (does not work while blocking).
Decay - When this deals damage to unit or relic weapon, that card’s strength and health (or armor) are permanently reduced by that much.

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Power Level
Power Level

Card Information

Type Unit
Rarity Legendary
Set Argent Depths [Set9]
Eternal ID #36
Faction Fire
Race Sentinel
Shiftstone Cost 3,200
Shiftstone Premium 9,600
Decks on Site View 5 Decks
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Expedition #12
From June 24, 2020


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