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Sludgebomb Stompy

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There are a lot of lists like this going around at the moment and this one has been smashing gauntlet for me. I thought I'd just get it down here so that when I take it to ladder to see if it's actually good or not I can record my tweaks. This is, to me at least, the classic MtG monoG stompy deck, but transposed into Eternal. The new set bought three crucial cards - Sewer Sludge, Territorial Elf and Marionette Cross - and a couple of nice includes - Fenris Nightshade and Thief's Pick. The deck really just a straight up aggro deck, but for some reason it just feels so fun to play. Here is a quick run down of the card choices in this version.

Sewer Sludge - this guy is ace. He comes down for one power and (ideally!) grows every turn. He is regularly a 3/4, and can reach 5/6 in this deck (potentially higher with warcries, bit it's unlikely!) In terms of power-to-strength ratio this guy has potential to be one of the best in the deck, at the cost of having to wait to hit evolve triggers.
Knifejack - You pay one power, and you get a 2/2. That's what the deck wants!
Suffocate - it's cheap, and it kills an early blocker which is what the deck wants. It's also an early answer to Teacher, but this deck doesn't really care about teacher (other than being an early 3/3).

Argenport Instigator - Pay two power, get a 3/3. ALSO it gives you a nice bit of reach as games start to slow up and stall out. Fantastic card, as I am sure you know!
Fenris Nightshade and Miris Nightshade - These two are in the deck since they have three strength, and cost two power. However, they do actually have useful abilities. I think Miris is slightly better, since he gets larger and the curse gives a little reach on the odd occasion. That said, Fenris has a fairly expensive, but repeatable, card draw ability and if you are applying enough pressure the three life payment doesn't matter. The numbers between the twins could be tweaked a bit for sure.
Ripknife Assassin - This guy is solid - he might not have more strength than his power cost (the theme of this deck!) but the combo of deadly and warcry is great, and even if he gets a couple of early swings he makes the rest of the deck that little bit better.
Territorial Elf - This little bastard is pretty high variance, but I am finding him mostly good. The one toughness is bad, but the can't block clause isn't (this isn't a blocking deck). Berserk means this guy can get in for some huge bursts of damage in combination with combat tricks and weapons, and on top of that he costs two, and the three power means that he evolves the sludge more frequently.
Annihilate - Kills things on the cheap! Especially big nasty time blockers. I am not sure if this should be a 3/3 split with suffocate, so needs a bit more testing on the ladder.
Rapid Shot - This combat trick acts as a removal spell 90% of the time, and in combination with the berserk elf acts a bit like a burn spell as well (14 damage!) It's extremely good. Do NOT use it defensively though! In fact that's a good signal that it's time to concede with this deck..
Thief's Pick - This is a great addition to the deck to provide a bit of end-game reach and to break through stall boards. It also has two particularly nice targets in the deck in the form of Territorial Elf (allowing an immediate 8 unblockable damage on the berserk turn and then four damage a turn) and Auric Interrogator (to draw some cards). It's also one of the only things that helps against all the time decks that drop absolute units on every point of the curve. This, along with Annihilate, are pretty much the only plan for those matchups (but then a deck like this will never match up that well against the big bois in time). The Pilfer isn't really of any particular relevance, except sometimes you just have the extra power and think "why not?" and then you get a Finest Hour and everything is cool. But yeah, mostly, in this deck, WGAF about Spellcraft?

Auric Interrogator - 75% of the time this guy is a four strength dude for three power, and that's why he is in the deck. The other 25% of the time he gets hit by a warcry or you land a Thief's Pick on him and he draws you a few cards and when that happens, he is even better.
Marionette Cross - Another newly-"printed" enabler for this deck. It's a 3-power 5/5, that's so good for a deck like this! It does have a drawback of course, in that when one dies they all die, but that really doesn't matter. I am playing three here since I only HAVE three, but there is also a chance three is the right number. Certainly looking for a fourth though! This card enables some great curve outs, and is perhaps the main reason the deck now works.

Impending Doom - It has four strength, it flies, it costs four power. That's all you could ever want in a stompy deck!

Cabal Standard - Another tasty little treat from Fall of Argenport. The drawback is it comes into play depleted, but given the curve of the deck that's often easy to play around. The advantage is that once you hit five power it turns into a mini Rapid Shot for two of your units - that's superb! Flood insurance and a trick is too good to pass up. Once you have four power it's often correct to hold these until they transmute since the tactic is so valuable.
Amethyst Waystone - There's no drawback to running this (other than the normal nightfall drawback...) but the deck likes to pick up extra cards, it likes the little ping it puts on the opponent, and very occasionally it plays well with Miris.

Alternative options/considerations
Although I am fairly happy with the deck as it stands (although I have mainly only taken it out for a spin in casual/gauntlet - maybe four ranked games?) there are some additional cards that ought to be considered that I (might!) get around to testing. The thing is it's not clear if these are good cards for the deck, or just my pet cards (well, it's clear that they are pet cards!)
Shadowlands Guide - This guy only has two targets in the deck (Sewer Sludge and Knifejack) but recurring a Sewer Sludge that has evolved three or four times seems pretty good. The problem is he only has one toughness, and I think the deck wants to be a bit faster and more proactive than recurring/grinding things out. He would, most likely, replace Auric Interrogator or one of the Nightshade twins.
Memory Dredger - This would replace Impending Doom, but it doesn't hit anywhere near as hard, but does allow the reuse of Miris' ultimate. Again, fun card, but probably not right for the deck.
Blackguard Sidearm - Probably not good at all, but a) another way to get some cards out of the interrogator, and b) the quickdraw seems like it might be nice to enable attacks that would otherwise be off the table and pushing burst damage out of the elf.
Kerendon Merchant - This is the big question mark for me. Having access to a market is great, but also the whole deck revolves around units with more strength than their powercost, and this guy is the opposite to that. I really don't know if the reduction in force that he brings to the deck is worth the flexibility. I haven't even thought about what the market would look like yet, since I first have to justify the inclusion of a three power 2/1 deadly...

As I said, the deck is still a work in progress as far as ladder is concerned, and it is also not particularly original (lots of mono shadow lists out there!) Comments, suggestions, advice welcome!


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 23, 2018

July 8, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.38 - Card and bug fixes, onboarding campaign changes

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LycaNinja Eternal Version: 1.38
"This would replace Recurring Nightmare"

This is monoshadow?
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.38
I meant impending doom!
LycaNinja Eternal Version: 1.38
I only had 2 Impending Dooms and used Dredger in the other slots and it felt really good to trade with like Ripknife Assassin then get it back.
Gregorious Eternal Version: 1.36
Nice write up! +1