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Draft 022 1-3

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1st picked Tranquil Scholar over Direwood Prowler to avoid Shadow if possible. 2nd picked Archive Curator over Cannonbearer and Hunter’s Harpoon. 3rd picked Archive Curator. 4th picked Archive Curator. 5th picked Archive Curator. Time was obviously open, but Justice really wasn’t. Should have switched to Primal.

The deck has tons of fliers but minimal early game. Definitely need to trade whenever possible. I predict 3-5 wins off of copious fliers.

G1: Decent opener. My opponent had 2 Excavation Assistants, which stalled my fliers. We eventually stalled each other until his Skywalk Instructor gave his Cannonbearer flying. I had no answer.
G2: Mulliganed into 2 Time sigils. Fortunately drew an Argentport stranger. My opponent’s Excavation Assistant stalled me again. Drew Archive Curator for my opponent’s Shadowlands Bonepicker. His Finest Honor ate 2 of my units. He had Detain for my deadly Tranquil Scholar. Fortunately, an Awakened Sentinel was on top of my deck. My Roosting Owl on the next turn finally attained air superiority. My opponent conceded.
G3: Kept a 2 Time sigils, Argenport Stranger, Vodakhan’s Staff opener. Did good damage until my opponent played a Morningstar on his Thunderhoof Warrior. The ground was tenuous but stalled while I pecked in the air. But his ground force kept growing. His Rally ensured lethal.
G4: Kept the same hand as before. Traded back and forth. His tricks depleted my better blockers making his Audacious Bandit troublesome. His Rally ensured lethal as well.

Gold Paid = 4745
Shiftstone Gained = 530 (dust) + 200 (rares) = 730
Base = 0.340 shiftstones/gold
Shiftstone Profit = -883
Pack Profit = -2.59


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
10 9 1

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Deck Rarities
23 4 1

Card Types
22 2 3 0 18


October 24, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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