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Rareless Rakano - Budget Rakano

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A thought popped in my head that maybe a super budget Rakano deck could be made entirely out of commons and uncommons and it was actually quite easy to construct. Besides just being super budget, this deck also is pretty good for what it is. Playing guys and attacking is an easy, good strategy especially in a game like Eternal, where dudes are the most important thing you can do, so even a really budget list without the expensive powerful cards can win games and win them regularly. If you have just started Eternal this deck is probably one of the easiest to build and, by far, the easiest to upgrade to the tournament version. I will be doing a video playing 5 games with this deck on my youtube channel soon so stay tuned!


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June 8, 2017


Eternal Version
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GammaLyrae Eternal Version: 1.23
Solid deck, man. Made this and immediately made it to Silver 3. My winrate is dropping a little now, but I think I could still carry this to Silver 2 or Silver 1 with zero changes.
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.23
Sweet! Glad you are having success with it :)
Comment Deleted
justatest90 Eternal Version: 1.21
Could you highlight some of the first cards to drop/upgrade to?
djgraymtg Edited Eternal Version: 1.21
It kinda depends on what you want. There are actually 3 or 4 Rakano aggro lists that share very little with each other, but if you can afford it the first thing you should do is make 2 Deepforged Plate. This is usually the only legendary (besides the few lists that like to run Soulfire Drake) and you would just replace Stalwart Shield with it. It's not the easiest thing to upgrade first but it is be far the most important card to put in the deck. After that it's just rares; Replacing Morning Star with Hammer of Might, Crownwatch Deserter with Champion of Glory, Ruthless Stranger with Pyro Knight and then Gilded Glaive and Warhelm with Valkyrie Enforcer. You will find lists that will look very different and even probably find people that disagree with some of the changes I've suggested but I think that this is where you want to do your replacing. Thanks for commenting!