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Oops, all spells! (Bye Armory!)

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Since armory took a major hit I'm obliged to bring out my pet deck and tell you why you should be playing it! :)

Above all, Hooru Control wins by removing our opponents threats and ending the game with raw card advantage.
We take advantage of midrange decks by blanking removal and having counters for their important spells.
We're extremely well positioned against aggro because they run out of gas quickly and we have a lot of early game removal.

Hooru requires you to play super tight and let your opponent 2 for 1 themselves.
ALWAYS play at instant speed when possible and take any small edge you can get.

Be greedy without overdoing it.
For instance, don't take a 1 for 1 with storm when you know they could easily play 2 1 drops or assembly line the following turn. Consider your opponents next plays and play accordingly. This takes some getting used to. There are certainly exceptions, such as knowing your opponent has a pause and you think it's protect, or if you think they could have a weapon and you have no answer the following turn.

Our only abysmal matchups are Armory and Chalice, but Hooru is a great meta choice when you're not expecting these.

Tech Choices/Controversial Cards:
Trailblaze: It's not Preordian or Ponder but it's the cantrip we deserve. It lets you hold up mana and provides decent card selection to find our key spells.
Permafrost: Still a necessary evil. Shatterglass mage makes Permafrost much worse, but you still need it as another answer to dawnwalker or any aggressive threat. It's not great against rakano but if you're facing stonescar or skycrag it's a 1 mana removal spell.
Cobalt Ring: Filtering. It's a little more expensive than we want but it helps us churn for our important spells while discarding excess lands.
Bring Down: An exceptional removal spell and a fine instant speed silence modal spell. It consistently over preforms.
Backlash: It's here to answer the spells that get underneath eilyn's choice and provide further protection for our wincons.

Channel the Tempest: The engine of the deck. Almost always a 4 for one or a big chunk of their life. If you're behind, channel lets you gas back up and puts you in the game. Always hold power for bigger channels once you hit 8 unless your opponent has eilyn's choice or kaleb's choice and they seem to be keeping up mana, or you know you'll have to play a removal spell + channel the following turn.
Kothon: Typically an 8 or 2 mana play. It's there to absorb some damage early or do the critical few points of incidental damage the deck usually needs to put away the game. You can also play it on 5 mana while holding up backlash or eilyn's choice to ultimate on 6. This also puts your opponent behind on tempo if they choose to answer your Kothon
Rain of Frogs: Against control decks this can actually win you the game. Hit their key spell or meme relic, or whatever you can't deal with. Rain choosing Flame Blast or Obliterate is also nice vs burn. You have to be careful though, because your opponent will almost always have removal rotting and you don't want to turn their dead cards into threats.
Throne Warden: Usually a 2 for 1 with upside. This makes our auric runehammers even better and puts our staff of stories out of range of most burn spells. Gains us life and blocks vs aggro. Another source of incidental damage.
Staff of Stories: Literally "turn the corner", the card. It's bad when you're behind but it puts you so far ahead and ends the game when it sticks.


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August 24, 2017


Eternal Version

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