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Feln Justice

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A deck that uses all 3 of my favorite power types!! Excitement!!!! On the real, I have seen a few decks that utilize a couple of my favorite cards. Whispers in the void being one of them. Harsh Rule being another. Prior to my Feln decks that I have posted here. I was very much into Justice/Shadow decks. My first decks posted here used those types of power.

When I made this deck I wanted to cover all the bases of game play. A example, what if my opponent brings out a big minion prior to turn 4? Answer, add a Vanquish. When I designed this deck I wanted to cover as many "Whats if's" as I could. So far this deck is undefeated. With a variety of opponents. From armory to fast aggro, to combrei, to other control decks..

The deck uses a mix of combos as well as mainstay of hard control and mid range minions. The deck is quite fun! Enjoy!


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2 2 4

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11 11 15 12

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9 23 21 9

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20 1 29 0 25


June 19, 2017


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