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Super Budget Rakano

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Hi, bautistahfl here. This is a super budget rakano list intended for players that are on their first week or less of playing the game. Please note that the purpose of this deck is to help you level up in gauntlet and hopefully also get your daily pack at bronze rank, so you can start gathering the resources you need for crafting rares and legendaries that you want for your decks. I hope this deck can help you and I will come around from time to time to try to answer questions or give advice when required.


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1 1

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16 17 8

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Deck Rarities
32 28

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19 13 18 0 25


November 5, 2017

October 31, 2017


Eternal Version
The Pale Riders

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skulldestroyer Eternal Version: 1.26
Sweet deck for begginers
Zeptinune Eternal Version: 1.26
Personally I find the lack of units a bit of a problem. It definitely won't work well on the ladder but you may have some success with it in gauntlet. It is a very, very cheap deck though so it has that going for it. With the lack of units though it is very possible to not draw any units in either of your game opening hands...

I would look at swapping out 2x Smith's Hammer and 1x Morningstar for at least 3 more units.
bautistahfl Eternal Version: 1.26
Hey! Hi, bautistahfl here. Actually, since the list is so budget, I was thinking it might have a hard time pushing damage through to actually close out games. So I recurred to the cheapest form of evasion in overwhelm weapons. I can see how the deck might fall short in units, however, I would maybe cut other things before the overwhelm weapons, maybe cut down the inspires or the kalebs favors, and one vanquish, for another 3 units.