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Day 1 master's Even Feln (non-moon variant)

Throne Deck By
The Great Parliament // Owls and Dragons


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So, just thought I'd share this even Feln list. Note: no waxing moon, though maybe enterprising individuals might find a way to squeeze 4 moon and 4 black-sky harbinger into here.

Anyway, while I don't *think* most card choices need much of an explanation, let's go down the list anyway.

Annihilate: either this or defile depending on your preferences, if you're more scared of time fatties, or...Champion of Chaos in particular. Stock cheap spot removal.

Evenhanded golem: duh. Next.

Exploit: another case of duh. Try not to let this be your first play, since you want to commit to the board ASAP.

Grenahen: golems 5-8. Much better body, can even draw spot removal vs. aggro decks, but you need a lot of hits for it to feel good.

Jarrall Ascending: maybe a bit controversial of a choice, but good body, draws spells, and if you ever spellcraft timepiece, he domes the opponent for 24. He's also a 2-drop that draws more cards.

Plunk Wumpkin: we're here to draw cards with 2-drops. See a pattern here? This is a 2-drop that draws more cards. Obviously overloaded card is obviously overloaded. Play the full set.

Saloon Massacre: flexible sweeper to smack all those aggro and aggressive midrange decks. Better have it and not need it than need it and not have it, as they say.

Stormblast: a couple of these for grenahen hits and to negate various spells like Nothing Remains out of even Argenport.

Vicious Overgrowth: hits sites, hits cheap multifaction units, and is a grenahen hit. Can also be amplified when Jarrall is at 8 for more face damage. Not a particularly great card, but spells that do damage increase both hen and Jarrall hits.

Vine Grafter: really good even merchant is really good. Blocks aggro (autotread notwithstanding), and gives regen to Champion of Cunning. Probably better than a lot of regular merchants too.

Iadria, Twisted Brewer: LightsOutAce and TheBoxer don't like her. I shaved her from 4 to 2 in the latest iteration, but she does some nifty things and makes both attacks and blocks much better.

Helio, the Skywinder: better in numbers. The first one (for 3-4) is good. The subsequent ones are nuts. Obviously, play the cards you have before trying to draw more, as she's fairly tempo inefficient.

Pale Rider's Timepiece: yes, this is playable in a Helio deck. Sylscar decks ran 4 en route to winning the last throne ECQ, and since Icaria First Reaper is now a 7-drop, this card fills in nicely, and is easier on the influence.

Serpent Hive: power you can fetch with Grenahen! Also, blows up Thudrock's Masterwork. Run at least 3 if not the full set.

Power base: pretty straightforward. Bunch of duals, cobalt waystones (OPOP), and one primal sigil in case a stray ice bolt comes flying.


Last Chance because there's no recursion maindeck, so this gets you another shot at CoCu or Silverblade Menace.

Edict of Makkar: more cheap removal, namely for Rolant, but other time fatsos also qualify.

Burglarize: the only relic interaction that you can fetch with vine grafter. It's obscenely overcosted but what can you do...

Silverblade Menace: fairly low opportunity cost way to get a bit of non-negligible damage in, or in a particularly long game, to get a substantial chunk of it.

Champion of Cunning: is still being buffed after 12 sets. One of the most frightening cards in the game once he gets +1/+1 and regen.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
4 4

Power Sources
25 17 17

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Deck Rarities
9 32 23 4 11

Card Types
28 4 23 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


December 4, 2021


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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NeroMcBrain Eternal Version: 21.12.09
RIP Golem
IlyaK1986 Eternal Version: 21.12.09
Welp, this deck needs a rebuilding then.
pashathemadrussian Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Hi Ilyak, how are the rebuilding efforts going? I don't mind investing 16k of my 29k in shiftstone into this deck to climb and get the 9 daily wins, but somewhat hesitant with the new golem. Maybe i just stay patient and wait, please do advise.
CatPlanet Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.02
I'm enjoying this deck. Got the Jarrall idea a while ago myself, but I wasn't greedy enough to put him and Timepiece in the same deck. Got to admit that they combine in an impressive way.