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[Budget] Midnight Darkblade weaver gauntlet farm

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So I'm a new player who has a very limited collection (started mid-July)

Reached master in gauntlet and got bored farming gold for draft / league and it was getting harder for me to consistently do 7-0 run in gauntlet.

Tried several deck but eitheir they were too expensive or not working for me.

I finally had the idea for this very budget deck (you can play it with only commons and uncommons, used some of the rare and legendary I had but they are not key cards) who helps me get to 7 wins quite easily and quite fast.

Games are usually around 10 turns long and are fun (at least for me) because you often get several units with 10+ atk, lifesteal, overwhelm, quickdraw and double damage and you can OTK the AI while getting 30+ life.

And let me tell you that overwhelm + quickdraw + a huge atk with a combat trick is really powerfull against AI ^^

Of course my MMR must still be low and I'm nowhere near god mode in gauntlet so I can't say if it works for it, but then again this is a very inexpensive deck for new players.

How to win ?

The core of the strategy is to get to 2 fire influence and as much shadow as possible.
Then it's : Darkblade Cutpurse + Spiritweaver + Mightweaver + combat trick (Midnight Hunt or Rapid Shot) usually for a OTK

Other cards

- Lethrai Target Caller is there to give your units quickdraw (and you can use dark return / immortalize to get back a unit that will get quickdraw)
- Vorpal Cutter is there because AI doesn't like cards with decay and mostly because vorpal will love a Darkblade with 8+ atk
- Cabal Slasher is very good because you'll often have 60+ life at the end of your games, so it makes for a unit with a ridicule amount of atk (it's easy to get it to 20+ atk). But you can play the deck without it.
- Champion of Chaos because I have one and it fits the deck as it gets overwhelm and 5 atk but you can replace it.
- Midnight Hunt and Rapid Shot are your win condition most of the times
- Dark Return and Immortalize are here to get back your very powerfull units and even give them quickdraw if you played Lethrai before

As you want to farm a lot there will be game where you will get power screwed or flooded, that's why there is a lot of cards to fix your influence in this deck (plunder from weaver + beseech to either get a treasure trove or a sigil) lots of seek power to get your influence (and thin the deck, and have some target to plunder).

I'm not sure about the market yet,
- Corrupt to protect your units against board control
- Buh-ton, Death's Reach is not that good because when I can get him the game is usually already won
- Scraptank is VERY GOOD, because he has a lot of synergy with sow and devour and weavers
- Sewer Crocodile might be the answer to the Hellfire deck (to be tested)
- Cover of Darkness gives unblockable to 2 units for another win condition

I had an issue with the Hellfire deck because he had so much cheap board control, for 7 turns straight he destroyed each unit I dropped on the board and I finally lost, so I added sewer gator to soak up those damage and next time I'll have to be more carefull in how I play it. I would like for a way to get aegis, or a unit with 4+ health to soak up those damage while building the combo.
Also had an issue with the deep freeze deck where the opponent had 2 yeti who kills your stunned units and the unit that stun one of your unit when a power is played.
So I think this deck needs a bit more board control, probably in the market

To make it even more budget you can replace Champion of Chaos, Cabal slasher, Lethrai by other cheap cards (like the Shavka Evangel for even more influence fixing and for the berserk with a combat trick to get it to 5+ atk)
Maybe Scavenge could be considered as it gives you token to sacrifice (devour + sow) and fire influence

And if you have any idea how to improve this deck I'm all ears ^^

Sorry for the long post and happy farming everyone !


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August 10, 2020

August 9, 2020


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Dreameta Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Nestor Eternal Version: 20.09.03
It's a great and cheap base! I'm running a modified version with some removals, because once a 5/5 hits the table, there's little you can do. Don't get me started on flyers. Playing last tier of Gauntlet. I'll submit my revision once I manage to win two gauntlets in a row. The base is very fun, so big props for this inexpensive deck!
Shoriu Edited Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Thank you for the feedback and glad you liked it !
Please tell me if you find a way to improve it. This deck served me well to upgrade a bit my collection and I've moved on from it to farm with a mono J for the moment.

I'll probably try an improved version once I have more cards, but as you mentionned this deck lacks in removal / board control, and as a hard time against hard removal deck... I wish you could get aegis in stonescar ^^
breeze Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Just played one game and got the satisfying/healthy achievement (999 to AI's HP and 999 hp) in gauntlet. Thank you for the deck. :P
Shoriu Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Nice, glad you liked it.
I didn't get this achievement myself so next time I'll try and hold off the finishing blow to get my cabal slasher to 999 ^^