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FTJ Midrange (Omens)

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Card Breakdown

Inspire: Deck thin, minions boost. Pro: Great cantrip. Con: Can boost your Siraf and Diogo into Vanquish range.
Seek Power: Deck thin, mana choice. A case can be made that this should be in every deck, mot just 2+ colors.
Torch: Playing red? 4x Lightning Bolt.
Vanquish: Great removal spell with a large reach, capable of dealing with most things a Torch or Purify misses.
Purify: Silence effect on a torch for 3 is good enough. Even if it doesn't kill, the silence effect can win the game. An end-all answer to Dawnwalker decks and can efficiently deal with priority Revenge and Legendary units. Only draw-back is it doesn't hit face.
Ancient Lore: Draw 2 for 4 is fine. Hitting a minion or two makes this card totally worth, in the end though, you need to be able to build card advantage and wait for the board to stagnate. Taking some damage before playing your Harsh Rule on turn 4 is fine as long as you end up with 2-3 cards more than your opponent.
Harsh Rule: 4x almost ensures a board clear for you pre-6. Does well against decks with high minion count. Can also make room for you to get in more damage with Sword of Icaria. Make sure you are attacking with your units already on the board before using. Sometimes you can stall harder if they block those and have a more manageable board state after.
Obliterate: A great card for destroying most units in the game with the possibility for face damage. Can also be used as a finisher. Using 2 of these in a row on turn 12 for the win is highly interactive and fun. Apply liberally.



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Influence Requirements
3 3 3

Power Sources
13 13 12 12

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Deck Rarities
19 24 7 11

Card Types
17 4 28 0 26


July 23, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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