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Dying Sun Combo

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Cheap curse relics like Adjudicator's Gavel and Electrostatic Distortion can let you cheat out a Dying Sun Tapestry turn 1. Follow this up with a Formbend to swing in with a 6/6 or play a Monument Curator to have a 7/7 on turn 2. On the next turn, you can follow up with a 7/7 Aali, Champion of Kodosh that silences an enemy unit, and then turn into an 8/8 flier with overwhelm after she attacks. Strange Rider is mainly in the deck to help dig for the tapestries but he can grow out of control pretty quickly with the activated ability.

Other Cards:
-Parul's Choice: This card is amazing in this deck. It protects your units and lets you tutor for your cursed relics. It is the glue that holds this trash pile together.
-Permafrost: This deck does pretty poorly against go-wide aggro decks. Permafrost gives you a chance against them.
-Avigraft: It's situational removal that can activate tapestry in a pinch and can be fetched with choice. The high cost can also help buff your units to a playable range if you can't draw a tapestry. It also has a fun combo with Formbend if you think your opponent is going to remove it or you just want an extra attacker.
-Archgryffyn Patriarch: This refills your hand in case you need a second hit of gas to get to the finish line. I usually end up drawing 2-3 cards off of it.
-Tinker Overseer: It is a cheap unit with decent stats and evasion that can get buffed by our plethora of cursed relics. Cheating out a tapestry also buffs it twice which might make it worth waiting to play them. The last nerf hurts but there isn't anything else to fill the gap at the moment.
-Formbend: Before the recent "fix", you used to be able to attack with relics that you played and transformed during the same turn. This change only really prevents cheating out a tapestry, transforming it, and attacking with it as a 6/6 all in the same turn. It would probably be better to swap this for Turn to Seed but the occasional surprise damage this can give you is fun.

Card Considerations:
-Transpose: This is probably your best option if you want a market. You can move Avigraft to the market to make room. Other good market cards include Purgedriver, Poaching Drake, Daring Gryffyn, Rejection, Tidal Forces, Svetya, Orene of Kosul, and/or Forbidden-Rider Outcast. I prefer having the option to fetch Avigraft with Parul's Choice and lock out my opponent by playing multiple of them so that's why I don't use Transpose.
-Turn to Seed: Great removal. It deserves a slot somewhere in this deck since it fits in with the abundance of hate cards but I'm not sure what to cut.
-Calibrate: This card would be insane in this deck if it was in Hooru colors. From my experience, splashing time for this (and Display of Tradition/Lucky Prospector) isn't worth the inconsistency it brings.
-Kodosh Sees All: This could be included as a one-of to "counter" control decks since it could be fetched using choice. I used to run it but it was hard to hit 7 with all the decimate powers and the gryffyn does a much better job of helping you fight back against control.
-Tidal Forces: This could fill the same spot as Kodosh Sees All; being a comeback card against control. The cheaper cost is nice but this card is far less consistent and pretty easy to counter. It can fit in a Transpose market though so it could be nice if you opt to run one of those.

How To Play:
-Step 1: Your ideal starting hand is a cursed relic, a unit, and tapestry. Mulligan hard for these. Don't be afraid to go to 6 cards. This deck can work well on just 3 power and the 3 main cards. Parul's Choice can work in place of a cursed relic and Strange Rider can function as the unit and one of the other two cards in a pinch.
-Step 2: Play one of your cursed relics if you have a tapestry in hand. Don't play multiple until you have more tapestries unless you think it will protect your units (i.e. Electrostatic Distortion vs burn). Also, don't play multiple Numbing Colds at the same time since they all break when your opponent plays a spell.
-Step 3: If you have a unit in hand but you think your opponent might kill it, wait until you have either protection (Parul's Choice or Numbing Cold) or backup units in hand. It's better to slow your clock by 1 turn than to run out of options.
-Step 4: If your opponent is running control or midrange, bash in their face. If they are on aggro, consider holding back some of your units so you can slow their clock.

WARNING: This deck isn't great. It used to be somewhat viable in the previous expedition due to the lack of good removal. Unfortunately, most of the key cards have been rotated out so it only really works on throne ladder.


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Promises by Firelight [Set1007]

Aggro Combo

October 28, 2020

February 27, 2020


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DarkWaltz Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Deck is so all in linear the current meta crushes it. Had multiple turn 2 7/7 hands or 6/6 hands and could win a single one without dumb 0 removal luck. Fun idea but just too simple for today's meta.
S1O1 Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Yeah, your opponent having interaction is sadly a very real weakness of these highroll meme decks. One solution is to wait until you have Numbing Cold/Parul's Choice for protection before playing a unit whenever your opponent is in justice or shadow. Unfortunately, you usually just have to hope that they don't have an answer.