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Konan's Combrelysian - this is not weak against anything!

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This deck started from a classic Shimmerpack list and then evolved into this beauty that I fine tuned so that the deck has nearly no very polarized matchups. Basically every matchup feels very winnable. It is decent against the more agressive stonescar and rakano decks, since this decks runs quite a lot of the big Combrei Package to stop early agression (Healer, Marshall, Siraf, Scribe, Titan, Vanquish). Against the more controlling Harsh Rule decks it has The Big Parliament and Scouting Party that can be protected with Backlash and Stand Together. Crystallize and Shimmerpack are there to break Boardstalls. Ahh yeah and of course it runs Obelisk, because that card is bonkers.

The matchups that feel very good are against Armory and Feln Control. Armory is very tricky to play against, but I have a pretty good winrate against it. E.g. you don't want to put more than 2 units on the Board when you don't have protection against Harsh Rule. Also don't play scribe on 2 on the draw when you have a Marshal, save that for a potential Sword of Icaria.

Feln Control (/nearly all control decks) usually loose when you play Parliament with an Obelisk or Stand Together, since they can't handle 5/5 fliers well (most removal is used to kill Siraf and Titan). Against the very controlling decks it can even be worth to wait until turn 8 or 9 to protect a Scouting Party if you expect a Harsh Rule since that is most likely an instantly winning play.

tl;dr: this deck is good against (Feln) Control and Armory, while being 50/50 against Burn Queen and Rakano Plate!


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June 20, 2017


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MaKaVeLi Eternal Version: 1.21
took it from around 200 to 350. Wow, shit deck.
MaKaVeLi Eternal Version: 1.21
Tanked 5 games in a row. I am done.
MaKaVeLi Eternal Version: 1.21
Can't draw blue land ever. Go back to the drawing board. Such a flamboyant title, thanks for tanking my rank.
konan Eternal Version: 1.21
I mean this deck has more/as many blue sources than most 2 colored decks have when they play blue as main color (this deck has 16 if you include sigil search). It's hardly believeable that you can't find any blue until 6. I'm pretty sure the probability is > 95% to get blue until turn 6.
Comment Deleted
shedd Eternal Version: 1.21
This deck is EXTREMELY similar to a deck Thundershot, LoveUP and a few others were piloting in tournaments a while ago, back then it was called Shimmering Combrei. If you want proof here's LoveUP's top 8 deck from 3/11:
Not saying this deck isn't good, as it certainly looks like it would be in the current meta, but I'm just warning you against toting it around like it's your deck or you're the first one to come up with it or anything.
konan Eternal Version: 1.21
I completely agree that there have been people before me toying around with a similar deck. But that deck hasn't been touched/ played in months and I optimized my list quite a bit for the current meta. My deck is 16 cards different from the deck you posted (not including power)! I mean I basically play all the staples from 3 factions so the overlap is of course big. I actually haven't faced Shimmering Combrei once in the last 3 seasons and I really started of from a classic Shimmerpack list that I didn't like because of it's weak Rakano and problematic Stonescar matchup.