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Draft 007 0-3

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1st picked an Oasis Seeker. 2nd picked Adaptive Predator. Shadow and Primal seemed open. Chose to stick with Primal. Found a bunch of late Fire so ended up Skycrag. But Time turned out to be more open towards the end of the 1st pack. Got passed a late Feeding Time and Purify without any remotely decent alternatives. Fortunately, the fixing was good. Opened Aid of the Hooru, Nightmaw, and Champion of Chaos so those were rare drafted.
Overall, the deck had great removal but low number of creatures. Probably could win 2-4 games if the deck draws enough creatures.
Game 1: Drew 2 non-power cards. Died quickly.
Game 2: Power heavy opener. Should have traded my stranger with his Champion of Fury, but wanted to activate spark for Clan Hero. Ended taking a lot of damage because my creatures were poor blockers, which wasn’t a surprise. My opponent’s threats and answers were much more power efficient than mine so I was backpedaling the entire time before dying to fliers.
Game 3: Power heavy opener. Same issue as game 2. Low numbers of creatures meant I couldn’t be aggressive. My opponent’s threats and answers were more power efficient. So I never had tempo and died with creatures in hand.
My deck's weak early game really manifested itself.


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2 1 2 1

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7 4 8 1 3

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19 11 1

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15 2 11 0 17


September 29, 2017


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