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Skycrag Rally King

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I finally hit master and directly entered at rank 32 with only 4 losses in Diamond ranks - that's why I wanted to share my take on the Skycrag Aggro Archetype that I haven't really seen before. I actually think this deck should be horrible, but it continues to give me great results.

Picture of decklist and proof of master -

So why could the deck be good? It is heavily favored in the mirror and it can win against all decks that don't perfectly curve out - it basically preys on bad draws. Is it just a bad version of Stonescar Queen? Maybe, but I also think it's not yet perfectly optimized, so there is still some potential. Overall this deck just can just hit harder and earlier on than Stonescar. It also feels like the Warcries matter much more when they hit Aegis or Agressive creatures. What really surprised me is that Vadius, Clan Father is quite the Burn Queen Replacement - he doesn't have the aggro tag and doesn't buff your Board, but it's a really nasty threat that is hard to deal with and can sometimes carry games on it's own. Similar to Burn Queen he is sadly needed as a 4 of in this.
Let me drop a few words about some other new cards:

Rockslide - it is often an expensive torch, but it can lead so some game deciding blowouts - e.g. take out Temple Scribe and Amber Acolyte together or kill a unit and pop an aegis.
Snowcrust Yeti - I'm not sure what the best number actually is, I ran 4 of them for quite a bit and the aegis often comes in handy - it helps against Harsh Rule / Lightning Storm and is immune to Vara's Favor, apart from that it lacks the threat potential, so I went to a 2/2 split on Pyroknight an him.
Pummel - another card I'm mostly experimenting with, it's better than I intially thought - I tried Rampage in that slot and overall liked Pummel better. I'm still not sure if I should simply add another rally for it.
Champion of Fury - he often carries the deck is such a good threat - I won quite a few games be drawing into a Warcried Champion to end the game.
Vadius, Clan Father - He is the backbone of the deck, especially in the longer games - he doesn't look like much, but without him the deck wouldn't be as consistent.
How does this deck deal with Sandstorm Titan? There is no single good answer, but we often go low enough that only playing a single creature on T4 is too slow. Sometimes there is stuff like Vadius or Champion + Torch or Pummel / Rampage, but often we go wide enough that Titan often doesn't matter - especially if the Titan deck doesn't play him on curve or they have to play weak stuff like Amber Acolyte the turn before.


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July 25, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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