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A somewhat unusual take on Combrei that I took to master fairly easily in September 2017. This is by far the best shell for Talir I've seen - with 47 destiny hits and several ways to redraw (Scribe, Displacer returning Scribe, Ascendants) you often just fill up your board with units if you begin a turn with Talir in play. Drawing this many cards also has a good chance of giving you a Stand Together to protect from Harsh Rule, and Stand Together is just a great card anyway with this many units.

The drawback of maximizing Talir and Stand Together is that this deck doesn't run any non-unit interaction. With this in mind I've included all the good unit-based interaction in Time that I could find: Desert Marshal, Displacer, Titan, Carnosaur. It is possible that the deck should run some number of Archive Curators, but I've been content with 4 silences. I feel like this deck needs one more good interactive unit to be truly great, but it seems to work fine as is. If I test changes, I will try to squeeze some Sirafs in - this deck doesn't really need more to do at 8 that badly, but Siraf is still certainly good and might be better than some Aviraxes and Infusers (the weakest cards). The fourth Stand Together is also worth testing.

This deck feels like a better version of Vodacombo to me - Talir gives a similar combo finish but you have a much more proactive non-combo game. Sometimes you just play a bunch of random units and win with Stand Together, sometimes you ramp into early Titans and Carnosaurs, etc.


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3 1

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20 9 8 4

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17 24 10 11

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47 0 3 0 25


September 8, 2017


Eternal Version

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