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Savage Room (10-0 Skycrag Event!)

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Alright, it's clear this deck is not as foolproof as it first seemed during the wee hours, so time to make a big long explanation of what everything is for. Special thanks to NotoriousGHP for helping me tune this enough to go in the event. (This deck still does not actually run Savagery, sorry)

The main focus of this deck is twofold; using The Throne Room to slam Daraka on people early to end them, and utilize high influence cards with the Event rules, which is why you can even think about running Yushkov and Kenna in the same list. (no, I don't have any idea how I'll fix this deck for Argent Depths. I'll just look at the available fixing when the time comes...)

Two Seek Power helps the deck run more smoothly in terms of influence. It's also power hungry enough to use it to snag the 4th power, an important break point for this list.

Flame Blast and Sear compliment Torch, with the former both able to take on threats small and large, while Sear's fast speed makes it able to burn smaller midrange units, and the face, if needed. Flame Blast can also be a prime Touch target.

Permafrost deals with problem units, like the Stonescar hero and Champion of Chaos. It's really good at just removing blockers.

The Grenadin package is here to push pings so you can easily hit face multiple times with units in one turn. They can also stall decently well for your big hitters to mop the floor, without The Throne Room in play. Tripwire Grenadin is used as a more versatile Ticking Grenadin that threatens two ticks, even without ever getting the chance to swing.

Champion of Fury and Jekk are both shoe-ins, and are both real good at pushing damage.

Thunder of Wings is a reasonably aggressive card that pushes a dragon into the opponent's face, at the mere cost of exhausting a Grenadin. It also is a spell for...

Kenna, Unleashed, the star of the show. While she's not in the deck proper, she finds her way into this deck anyways. She eats 4 health units, threatens damage as a big flier, and can get a spell back to use again. Quad primal is rough on curve, but you can afford to not play Kenna on turn 4 sometimes.

Yushkov, the Usurper is a 4 drop which, if it doesn't eat removal (count on it to eat removal, people will take him out quite often), will clear the board temporarily of any new blockers.

Regarding the Market, Warhelm allows the Merchant to charge in if you just need another unit to be hurled at the opposing face. Touch of Force can enable some shocking lethal lines, especially with Flame Blast. Failing that, putting it on Kenna or even Jekk does nice work on boards. Jawbone Greatsword is removal against units a bit too problemtic for your board to remove otherwise. The tribute is not too hard to get, either. Kaleb's Persuader is actually the card to grab most of the time; it does so much for Throne Room, and makes a giant must answer threat that fixes your power. When you get to the fire influence you want, Ghodan, Undefeated will close games very quickly if left unanswered. At 5 health, there's not much that removes her, as Annhiliate is not as popular, given all 10 heroes are dual colored.

Hopefully this deck can also work for you like it did for me...

Event Information

Heroes from the Depths Preview
June 19-23, 2020
Plunge into the Argenport of Vara’s darkest dreams in the Heroes from the Depths Preview Event!


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
5 2

Power Sources
21 19 15

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Deck Rarities
14 30 11 4 11

Card Types
29 11 15 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]

Aggro Midrange

June 21, 2020


Eternal Version
v20.05.04 - Shadow of the Spire

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DocTam Eternal Version: 20.06.19
I managed to take this 9 wins. I didn't really care for the flame blasts, I swapped one of them for a Seek power and always wished the remaining two were either Turn to Seed or Sear instead. I really appreciated how much Throne Room improves the Feln matchup, this was the only deck where I felt comfortable against Feln; though on the opposite side Argenport seemed impossible as Rolant just can't be killed.
TempestDragonKing Eternal Version: 20.06.19
Replacing the Flame Blasts with Turn to Seed sounds reasonable, as long as Flame Blast goes into the Market. I just didn't do it because I would rather end opponents faster. Though Turn to Seed is one of the few ways to cleanly answer Rolant. Argenport is just rough in general for this archetype due to them having many potential aggro blockades between Enforcer, Vara, Rolant, not to mention the small interaction in Defiance. I'm glad this does do well against at least one of the popular decks out there.
PinkShadow Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.19
THS,10-1 with this deck,I'm worried about how to run skycrag,this is the answer.
TempestDragonKing Eternal Version: 20.06.19
Darn, sorry about the bad beats, you two. Maybe the 10 games were not enough of a sample size to make something incredible. (Thunder of Wings and Sear never came up in my run, somehow) I'd like to also say that I faced Stonescar, Combrei, Skycrag, and Feln lists (4, 2, 2, and 2 matches respectively). I definitely lucked out a bit against Stonescar; none of them were able to field a 5/5 Champion of Chaos for some reason, which this deck struggles with. I still think the list has promise, but this shows me it has the standard Skycrag problem of being very streaky.
sto650 Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.19
One of my Stonescar opponents managed to field three Cha-Cha, plus Tasbu and Icaria and the new champion. The other Stonescar opponent managed to land a 8/8 Cha-Cha. Xenan opponent landed Baby Vara with my side of the board completely empty (after Banishing my Throne Room), which was just gg.
theovermaster Eternal Version: 20.06.19
I did not fair as well - went 1-3. I might have been able to squeak out a win if I had played very slightly differently in one game - but the other games I lost pretty handidly.
sto650 Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.19
It doesn't eat everything up. I went 0-3 with this exact list. Got completely obliterated twice by stonescar, and even got completely owned by freaking Xenan. And the matches were not even remotely close. Opponents beat me on every possible metric (board presence, cards in hand, damage to face, everything). Don't use this deck, folks. It's a really bad match-up against the popular choices, especially Stonescar.