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Aegis' natural predators ; Vara, more deadlies and killer sources (inspire, spells).

Important note : "Killer" resets when the unit goes to the void.

This is a WIP, please help!

EDIT: Thank PandaBroPound for the tips! Some changes (mostly his suggestions) after some more play testing :
- Seek power, Annihilate, Rindra, Olly added
- Cold Blood, Mirror Image, Prey Finder removed
- Added cards to sideboard to list some cards I'm looking at (not a real sideboard)


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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
17 22 13

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Deck Rarities
18 23 19 12

Card Types
28 1 25 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]

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August 31, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) August 31, 2019



PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Messing with it a little and these are some of my first impressions.
-25 power is really hard to work with (cards that draw power are great because they are technically 2 cards)
-In cold blood and feeding time are great, but that means all of your removal is slow and costs 4
-Shadow has no killer which locks out half your faction unless you get savagry or the dino, again not bad per se, just less consistent

I really like the inspire triggers. Maybe you could pile those up with recursion. Xenan lifespeaker and dusk raider are great. Rindra duskblade is one of my favorite scream targets (especially if berserked)

I think annihilate will be better than in cold blood with this deck being low to the ground..

market could possibly use suffocate, desecrate, nullblade (good choice!), Dizo's office. Maybe azindel's gift too.

I love feln though. Hard to choose between champion and vara.
Lulero Eternal Version: 1.46.9
First thing first, thank a lot for taking time to try it out and provide those feedbacks! Very appreciated!

I do realize I need to make room for Seek Power and/or Vara Favor. Right now I'm at a loss about what to remove though.

Shadow has no killer, but plenty of good deadly units. That's what I'm trying to use. I feel like I had to chose what I wanted on my units and what would come from inspire/spells. I didn't want to find myself inspiring already "inspired" units. But as you say, it's lacking consistency a bit.

I really like Cold Blood. So many justice deck out there. But you are right.

I was also considering some re-read, something like 2-of, for flexibility.

With all that in mind I'll be play-testing some more with the following inclusions:
- Seek Power
- Annihilate
- Xenan Lifespeaker
- Rindra Duskblade (that I have 1x)
- Re-read

I'll then update the deck with what I settled with for now, so please check again at a later time! Especially regarding what to cut, other cards I might have overlooked. By the way, a question for you: Dino's Office worth crafting one-of you'd say?

I didn't include Dusk Raider yet and left market as is for now.
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I look forward to seeing it (drop a comment when ready to notify me please)! And I think a 1-of of Dizo's office is a safe craft (here and in many other lists). It can totally wait if you have other preferred crafts. Sites are just nice because of their flexibility. But a lot of times I put off crafting flexible market cards in order to focus on making core cards that get the deck going in the first place.
Lulero Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I'm not happy yet with the list but I believe some progress were made.

Xenan Lifespeaker, Reread and Mirror Image were doing good. However, I feel the deck has enough lifesteal (XL) and that those utilities (Rr & MI) are at the end of interaction chains with 3+ cards (which might be a bit too much). I removed them from now, but they are still on my mind when playing.

I'm most likely including Bulgarize soon. At the very least in market (that I left untouched for now).

EDIT: I may have to craft some savagery, at least 1. It's the only one I have.
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Let me say this
I LOVE TWEAKING DECKS. best part of the game imo.
I'll play with the updated list soon! I really appreciate the props. This is extra fun!
Lulero Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Just so you know, I'm still toying with it, switching cards around with the listed ones in the sideboard a bit to test.

I'm not convinced yet, but at diamond I manage >50% win rate which doesn't sound too bad.
I think the most troublesome part is that most units do nothing much on their own (lack of summon/entomb effect). Once they get killer and some recursion kicks in it's a different story though (you can easily start trading 1 for 2).