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Big Rods and Big Butts

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Inspired by Chapin's Healthy Impact during the Whirling Duels event.

There were two major things that bothered me about the event deck:
1: Redundancy of Shard of the Spire. After the first Shard, the rest are dead draws.
2. Accelerated Impact- the win con, always fell a bit short because only half of the creatures were Fliers so the rest of the 4/4s, 7/7s, just gets chumped for the turn and the next turn they return to their peaceful 1/3 and 0/7 state.

So, I took the Shard of the Spire down to 1 as the deck does not actually need it at all to win, but it can lead to some nice Rod procs.
I also made it an evasive deck, every unit here has Flying.

To spice things up and to provide an alternative win con, I inserted 4 Divining Rods. Imagine getting multiple big butted fliers onto the board and swing out next turn with Accelerated Impact!
So we got the Rods, we got the Butts, what else do we still need?
PROTECTION OF COURSE. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. I put Safe Return, Protect and Stand Together because when it comes to big butts, no amount of protection is too much.

Few free to experiment more with adding more Amilli, personally I don't want to ever cast Amilli from my hand. It is too vulnerable to removal. Silverwing Familiar is good but looks very out of place in this deck because of its small butt, but it actually is the most inconspicuous body to lead up to Divining Rod. I would switch these out as needed.

Feel free to comment!

Oh btw, this deck is not competitve. You have been warned.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 22, 2018


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Dead Reckoning

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Aarinfel Eternal Version: 1.29
Silverwing Smith seems out of place. No sources of Armour means he's just a basic flyer with some backside... Suggest Archive Curator or Towertop Patrol
Sobadatthis Eternal Version: 1.29
I needed a body that can survive Torch on turn 3 to stop aggro.
Archive Curator, and and especially Towertop Patrol is a bit slow. The 0/6 ambush fills the role of Towertop Patrol but better.
Also, most of the time I actually need to save power to protect my units so my curve is already quite slow.

I actually did make a few changes, I took out Silverwing Familiars, a Safe Return and a Protect and put in 4 copies of the new Icaria.
I needed a way to ramp to Divining Rod, and another 2 Drop because often times I would need to play Divining Rod and the unit on the same turn. Plus her ramp ability also pumps other Icarias, Enforcers and the Silverwing Smiths.