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Hope if anyone trys it you have fun and good luck.


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3 3

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15 18 8

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15 17 14 14

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35 4 11 0 25

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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


October 15, 2017

October 9, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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JTJag Eternal Version: 1.25.1
I see you've taken the mentors out of the deck for Obliterates. At this point the big thing separating your deck from the other Praxis decks running around is the Firemaw over the Xenan Obelisk. Does that work out for you usually?
SooNo Edited Eternal Version: 1.25.1
I had obliterates i cut mentors to put back amber aco went up 1 xenan ini andddd i think 1 ascendant haha but It really does. Obelisk is very very strong dont get me wrong but ive always found it odd to be in these style decks with 1 2 drop guy 1 1 drop guy a 3 drop that doesnt need it and another one you literal only want cause it fixes and blocks... the creatures are already huge and have absurd text boxs you dont have a bunch of guys to be playing before and lets be real sands lives 50% maybe less so at this point theres 11 total we can cast and do we want to jam little guys for hopes of an obelisk? Or have chains of biggems that as i said smash? obelisk is really one of the best ways to break open borads its huge if our carnos are getting the boost they kill tav daddy at that point right? But you give up this evading dragon that makes hearts come down turn 4 or carno to eat the titan they just jammed. So at this point weve done 10 to them killed something have x but above 6 power on board. Where obelisk would be adding 2 power to our 1/1 and 2/1 if we curve and then that means we dont have a sst or x on board instead we have a obelisk. Now turns thus after get a tad slow and not abusive as it can be were playing 1 guy a turn and hopeing its good.... no no.. Where as not playing obelisk now were talking about playing this amazing dragon that makes our oblits cost 1 and hearts 4 and so on.. why do we need this to cost reduction our cards are gross already.. well thats the point to jam as many of these things at all times and kill em dead haha its honestly another 5 power not easy to answer flyier with an upside that gets way outtahand. Ive played mirrors where opp is on obelisk and no firemaw and i abuse the sky for 10 points then its burn city it does get outtahand if they draw guys and we have nothing but we lost that game without obelisk being on their board really.. we have shattterglass also for if they do hit 1 we have an out if theyve hit 2 their probably dead cause they dont have the big guys to follow and you can capitilize there. So in the sb of this deck i could see them but i didnt have them there either.. we do get power very quick ive been on 6 turn 3 a few times obv not lucky enough to jam a heart but sst xenan initi kill your whatever and firemaw scribe idk whatever you imagine haha.. we cant abuse the obelisk as an elysian or 3 color nonsense creature/ token deck can but what we can do is present a game ending threat from turns 3 to 6 in mulitiples. Sorry im a little lets say spacedd and i just rambled on it feels when i could have led with that hahaha.
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Real interesting. I don't have the Ascendents, which means I have to play Friendly Wisps (which makes Xenan Obelisk a better play) but I'll test this out when I can.
Comment Deleted
Fedayeen Eternal Version: 1.25.1
would remove the 4 stones for 2 seek power and 2 obelisks
Fedayeen Eternal Version: 1.25.1
very good, I just don't like the stones
Comment Deleted