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Yepp, Praxis mid - not dead yet!

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Team Not-Tavrod


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Hello everyone! I'd like to share this list with you, i grinded to masters (day 2) with.

Let's be honest: Praxis isn't really at a good spot right now. But i was tired of seeing so much FJS and Combrei so i decided to bring an old friend back to the ladder.

Darya, Warrior Poet surprised me quite a bit. The neat little combos with Xo of the Endless Hoard or Worldbearer Behemoth can swing games in your favor. Shugo Standard + cards like Sandstorm Titan for sneaky lethals.

All in all this list is nothing new. I added Dissociate to somehow deal with the Deepforged Plate and Martyr's Chains i often encountered. It's a flex spot for sure.

But the card which impressed me the most during the climb was Cloud of Ash. Game closer. Wins games which are lost already. The last option before you die. :D

I hope you enjoy this list!

Sincerly Psy


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4 3

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21 20 12

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26 14 9 24

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32 1 18 0 29

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 3, 2019


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v1.43 - Community Store

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YurickYu Eternal Version:
I use my version of this deck in ETS invitational. Make 1-4, but was really fun:
Psynnegyn Eternal Version:
I think can be sharpened for sure to add more pressure somehow. Glad you like it. :)
YurickYu Eternal Version:
Why 0 Dawnwalker? Another question: Jekk is really slow for this deck right? I really like it and craft 2 copies, but until now the only time i use it was 1 copy in my tokens deck.
Psynnegyn Eternal Version:
I tried the Dawnwalkers before but they felt odd. Maybe because it's the early season and there is much aggro around. I think once you play more control'ish decks against you can put them in again. :)

Jekk is cool. I really like him. Maybe you could cut 2x Behemoth for him. A dealy Jekk is not really blockable anymore (and Shugo adds insane damage). Try it! Would be nice if you give feedback - really eager to see Jekk can work. :)
Gandalf Eternal Version:
Cloud of Ash, 2019
Psynnegyn Eternal Version:
ikr :D