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Inspire Shimmerpack

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edit: This version of Shimmerpack by Collector is a lot better. Go play it, not my version.


I took this deck from about top 100 to top 15 on ladder. It was also my ECQ deck but I only went 16-12 and struggled against the higher number of aggro decks that aren't present in the top of ladder. I designed it to beat the slower, non-mainboard-Harsh Rule FJS decks and other clunky slow things that exist at the top of ladder. I would not recommend this deck for anyone laddering at all unless they just want to play something different for fun.

Most important part is to make sure your Shimmerpacks have either Berserk or Flying (or both). Consider holding a merchant and an inspire unit until you can play them both in the same turn. I tried a couple other cards, including Alhed, and they seemed good but hard to say which was best.


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2 2

Power Sources
19 17 11

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17 16 34 1

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42 4 9 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 17, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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sayn0thing Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Any reason you don't play sandstorm titans or teachers of Humility? What would you remove to add them?
TheStray Eternal Version: 1.44
Took a little getting used to but I am on an 8-2 run with it in masters. Granted I think I'm probably closer to the bottom of the barrel in masters currently but you can't argue with a 8-2 deck run. I wanted to try Collectors deck but this was affordable for me and helped me learn a few things about markets and inspire. So thanks for the deck.
Aliamos Eternal Version: 1.44
10 loss streak. Really disappointed.
Paradox Eternal Version: 1.44
Sorry that happened. Please read the description of my deck.
Dante1976 Eternal Version: 1.44
Beat me down with your flying shimmer in the ECQ, had to agree it was really designed to beat Winchest, I like what you did with this deck, will definitely try it out , Just curious though what is its win rate against FJS? I was like 50/50 with my mirror match, I made a lot of misplay that cost me a match or two
Paradox Eternal Version: 1.44
I don't have hard numbers but it was fairly good vs. FJS decks without Harsh Rule main and bad against the ones that did (of which there were a lot more than I expected in my ECQ run.) Overall though I think the Shimmerpack deck by Collector that just won the ECQ is a better version of this deck and would recommend it.
Tonychou Eternal Version: 1.44
aeva is so good.