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Fearbinder/Conduit/Dredger V1

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Work in Progress

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First pass at this kind of deck just to see how it works. Performs okay in gauntlet, still very far from optimal.

Basic plan: Use Memory Dredger to make a huge Copper Conduit, use Fearbinder to make a huge Fear's Sum.

Discoveries: Fear's Sum is a 1-cost token, interacts well with Memory Dredger and presumably other cost-dependent interactions.
Kerendon Merchant itself impressed me. I was initially hesitant, but using Xenan Initiation to get the ol' Deadly/Killer combo turned me around.

Some things I'm thinking about playing with:

Going lower with a Wandering Wisp + Shadowlands Guide approach. Maybe Xenan Obelisk, since I'm confident Fearbinder would count that.
A source of Unblockable to get Memory Dredger or a huge Fear's Sum through. Using Ghostform to gain some life sounds surprisingly good. I didn't realize Thief's Pick existed, but permanent unblockable does sound tempting for the 'dredgers.
I haven't gotten much out of Whispers in the Void yet, and basically added it as filler in the first place. Still, it the games I've drawn it, having a perpetual source of Sum-fodder has its benefits. Something like Ephemeral Wisp might do the same job better.

Would love to hear any refinements anybody comes up with.


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Influence Requirements
1 4

Power Sources
15 23 12

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Deck Rarities
28 17 23 2

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20 4 30 0 26


June 30, 2018


Eternal Version
The Fall of Argenport

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