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Dazzle Yeti (#2 Masters)

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Pretty stock Yetis list, but the dazzles are great as "removal" slots 9-10, that also protect from wrath effects. Won at an absurdly high (unsustainably high tbh) rates vs. all major players in the meta, entered Masters in top 5. Stayed there for last two weeks.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 2

Power Sources
17 17 12 3

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Deck Rarities
19 22 29 4 4

Card Types
35 3 13 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Awakening [Set1095]


March 1, 2021


Eternal Version
Buried Memories

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MoonBounce Eternal Version: 21.03.10
This deck is great, just wanted note I recently came back to eternal and had to grind through gauntlet. This deck went 35-0 with very little trouble at all. Thanks for the deck!
RoninX Eternal Version: 21.03.10
It is a good (and fast) Gauntlet deck, and doesn't fear some of the more problematic "end bosses" (double damage and haste).
Grinch Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Could you explain some of the numbers in the list for me ? I’m confused by the 3 blazing salvo and 2 mask maker also the 2 powder glider seems a bit weird too
RoninX Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Mask maker requires a Yeti to be in play. It is a vanilla 3/3 for 3 without it (it can't even be a yeti without a yeti), so it is your worst lord effect. 2 power gliders borrow 1 drop slots from Spy and Mischief - if things shift more towards a flying meta (e.g. lot of valks right now) I'd add more but often the extra power (or potential extra card) is better. 3 blazing salvo is all I could fit. I find it doesn't kill much right now and is more a concession to the need for some kind of cheap market access than a removal spell. This was tailored to a past meta, so feel free to play around with those numbers.
Grinch Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Thanks for the reply makes sense I feel like tho If the mask maker issue is coming up then you are probably losing that game anyway I was playing the stock list and only ever saw that issue in games I was top decking it after having nothing in play lol and I just figured blazing salvo as 4 of makes most sense so you can get your market cards out
RoninX Eternal Version: 21.02.24
I was closer to cutting all the salvos than playing 4. I got Huntress 80% sear/bolt about 10% each. Got the others like once in 30 games. Maybe a bad market, or maybe those salvos should just be huntresses.
RoninX Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Or mask makers if you want ;)
Grinch Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Ya lol fair enough that makes sense then :)