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Ancient Press-Gang

Work in Progress

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Still a Work in progress, the basic idea of the deck is:
Stoneshaker > Press-Gang > 1 mana 6/6 Aegis + Overwhelm.
Whispering wind gets you basically anything you need, useful before and after Call the Ancients gets played.
Mating call is taking the place of Divining Rod, incredibly cheap to cast and digs deeper.
Moment of creation is probably wrong, since after 4 mana you can basically just discard power with Whispering Wind to search for permafrost and ancients.
The deck could be taken in a really aggressive direction imo, like adding Shadow for Shadowlands guide for the extra spice.


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Influence Requirements
2 2 1 2

Power Sources
8 11 6 17 16

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Deck Rarities
16 23 19 7

Card Types
13 4 32 0 26


May 1, 2018


Eternal Version
Sealed Deck League

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itsdannyboi Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Hey nice idea. I think I have an idea you should try that might make this more consistent and easier to accomplish while also reducing you to three faction. Since you're running time, try adding in Sauropod Wrangler to reduce the cost of all ancients in your deck to 1 and then you can fetch them with Press-Gang. Then you can drop the Fire faction since you are really only using stoneshaker from there. Then, if you have them I would suggest adding Sandstorm Titan's to your deck and some other nice 5+ attack cards and you'll be rip roaring in no time! You might also consider adding some 1-costed cards other than excavation assistant so you have something desirable to draw into if your combo isn't set up yet. Maybe Blind Storyteller, I don't know if you would want that in the deck though you would have to play test it out.

Otherwise awesome deck idea, Call the Ancients is one of my favorite cards so I love making decks with it. Check out my Xenan Ancients deck if you are looking for some more Xenan Fun!! Almost no legendaries except for call (which you already have) and In Cold Blood which you should also have if you played the campaign. Cheers!