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Xenan Ambush (Jul 20 Masters)

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My deck for reaching Masters this month.

Lots of new busted Xenan cards this set, you can really go either shadow focus with Tasbu or time focus with Xumucan and Ubsat. Time focus seems stronger since it gives you an easier time to abuse Curtain Call. Meanwhile, Ubsat is completely busted in Xenan mirrors and will shut down other midrange decks as well. Oh, and she heals you everytime opponent plays a unit. Ayan, Dark Conduit shuts down fast spell / ambush strategies too, so you get to play with a lot of intiative with this deck.

I like Sabertooth over Gentle Grazer, since it can be played while ahead. Nothing feels worse than playin a Grazer only to be forced to annihilate your own stuff.

Champion of Mystery is a good bomb while Xenan is a meta deck, since their removal consists of Annihilate and Banish, both spells that can't hit Champion. He always gets to draw a card if he hits, and if you hit the influence to get unblockable he will win the game on his own.

If you find that you lack more endgame, swapping Ayan, the Abductor for Touvon could be an idea. I find hitting 6 power consistently a bit tough though, so if you include Touvon you will have to plunder for more power rather than plundering for draw.

I found the deck to be a good counter against Stonescar and Hooru midrange decks.

Market is pretty boring, two relics that can counter permafrost / Aid of the Hooru strategies and midrange decks with fliers. Crucification is one of the only time kill spells you'll find, which is good for Etchings. It's also really good against other time decks and Stonescar decks. Gnash is good for providing chumps and site is too much value to not have.


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5 2

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24 18 17

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5 34 27 10

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35 2 17 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


July 6, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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Ditt Eternal Version: 20.07.07
Xumucan can be replace with Grodov?
bombe32 Eternal Version: 20.07.07
I'm not a fan of Grodov's Stranger in this deck, since there's not much synergy with him. I'd usually play him with killer effects for instant card draw or for the ramp if you're trying to play 7/8 cost cards. Also, the aim of this deck is to beat Stonescar / Xenan meta, and he's too vulnerable to Annihilate. I'd rather have the full 4 Champions of Mystery or go faster with Gentle Grazer or the likes. Alternatively, you can play an Evenhanded list and he could maybe be a good market card there.