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TJP Chrono Control

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I wanted to play with Chronostorm in either a control or turbo fog shell. With how much card draw we have in Expedition right now I wanted to try the deck out without Pinnacle as that can just turbo your opponent too hard. May still be correct to run Pinnacle and [img]Disciplinary Studies[/img] but for now we have Curiox and Bauble.

This deck plays a mostly passive game avoiding death until bauble or big derpy pit goons kill your opponent. Sometimes people just conceded after you harsh rule them too which saves us like 10 turns of effort haha. Curiox and Pit of Lenekta could be replaced to make this more budget with more baubles and Jada's. Waystone ignitor is there for nest and to spread out blocks against aggro. If you see a ton of all in aggro instead of midrange this deck wants to beat consider adding in Trials and Tribulations or just Defiance or something.

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Influence Requirements
3 2 2

Power Sources
12 16 13 16

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Deck Rarities
10 24 16 4 12

Card Types
12 8 30 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


February 19, 2022


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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Tombie15 Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Don’t waste your shift on this. Nearly everything in the meta benefits from units with either summon or contract, or are aegis heavy, making Chronostorm abysmally bad. If you can make it to 9 to cast pit you’ll usually win, but the deck doesn’t apply enough pressure to effectively make use of the turbofog package to allow that to happen with consistency. Even really good chronostorms are bad when you can’t follow them up with something worthwhile and make use of the tempo gain, which this deck can’t do, otherwise your opp just dumps their hand again, gaining advantage from summon and contract triggers. Your whole gameplan is to stall in a meta filled with explosive, high-value aggro or hand-shredding midrange, then cast a 7-9mana relic against a meta that’s stockpiling relic hate to beat dinosaur nest: even a skycrag player could see why that’s a bad plan.
ZE1TGEIST Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Yes. That is so spot on. Aegis is really bad right now. It seems like aegis is always ruining this card game. Plunk is ridiculous right now. That TJP Hero deck would run this over.

Defiance ia almost a must. At least, there needs to be something for aegis trouble. Orene's Sceptor is a problem as well. Regardless of the relic hate.

Control decks can't have their only removal in the form of a 3 cost spell that can only be used when they attack. Followed ONLY by 4 Harsh Rule. I mean... think about that 😮. Need at least something to cheaply pop some aegis so Harsh Rule or Auren Condemnation work.

It's a fun idea. But something just doesn't feel right. Lots of missing normal staples. Too many in fact: Torgovs Wares, Trials, & Tribulations, ice bolt, Mandatory recruitment is almost mandatory, and other removal, Elijns Favor is weird. Pit takes 3 time. And it only grabs Primal. BUT aegis IS good. This deck is just in a weird place.
Roshi Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Sorry it's not working out for you! What matchups did you struggle against? I've been doing quite well with it and it requires careful timing and thought to execute it effectively. Lining up your fogs and board wipes at the right moment until you can safely slam a big relic hidden behind aegis to seal the game. I would highly recommend not crafting this deck if it's your first control / turbo fog deck but if you've already got the cards it can certainly be a breath of fresh air from the very boring Expedition meta.
Tombie15 Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Anything running, Eavesdrop+Zido or Magnaventris roll over this deck, and aggro will simply kill you before you get to cast Bathe in Light. That’s 80% of the meta right there. Too many things need to line up perfectly for this deck to function. It’s too slow to compete against aggro/aggro-midrange, and doesn’t generate enough value to compete against high-curve midrange. It’s a cool premise but it just doesn’t work.
Roshi Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I definitely understand how that can feel bad. Hopefully I didn't waste too much of your shiftstone. If you'd like to hop on discord or spectate some games or maybe I can run a stream we can run the deck and discuss those things! I appreciate that you took the time to comment and try my decks and I hope I'm able to provide some entertainment or value for you in the future even if this deck let you down. : ( I just want to be a positive force for the game I love and innovate.