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IMPEACH NOW - Expeditious 1.5

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This is my goto standard Expedition deck. As is my hallmark, instead of 4x all my cards, I have a lot of singles. It keeps things uncertain, which for me is generally more fun. Every game you will get a different combo, so you will need to use your creativity and ingenuity AND lucky card combos to win.

Hojan is a solid start, even better if he gets a cheap weapon early. Same with Milos, who is even better if he comes out & then the next play is an Assembly Line.

There are several 'game ender' cards, like Siraf (with a weapon), Icaria Liberator, and Martyr's Chains. If Navani Warsinger comes out and gets a Righteous Fury and a weapon, things will wrap up quickly.

Another fun combo is Kaleb's Sanctum and Grandfathers' Axe or Steelfang Chakram in the mix.

The dangers to this deck are -- flying decks can smash you, and there is only minimal 'unit removal'. This deck can hold it's own if you get out a few good cards for a few rounds.

It's a fun deck to play. I chose most of the Legendaries based on what I've won, I'm open to hearing about better fits -- bring on your suggestions. Help me improve this deck!

Lastly, before you play this deck, please say aloud, "IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45!" (That's Trump. Blech!)

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3 4

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17 17 8

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21 16 15 2 8

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21 13 15 0 26


August 1, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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familyfriendly Eternal Version: 1.46.9
This one gonna need a guillotine.