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Endless Pressure Elysian

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I've been seeing a lot of Feln Control in Masters (which is fine), and no unit JPS Control (which is an utterly retarded deck). I've also been seeing Removal Pile pretty consistently since I began playing again about 2 months ago.

When I became so sick of running out of tempo to decks whose win condition is, quite literally, to wipe the board over and over again until the opposing player kills himself in frustration, I decided to make a Midrange deck designed to literally never run out of tempo, and this is the result.

The idea is that there are so many big threats, draw options, and difficult to clear boards, that eventually you will wear even the most obnoxious control deck down and win a war of attrition.

Of course Dawnwalker is the bane of most control decks in general. If they can silence it that's fine but they don't want to waste a powerful removal on it (like Feeding Time) because there are more important threats to deal with.

The deck has 16 different draw options and 38 total creatures (including Amber Monument), so it's extremely unlikely that you run out of tempo before a control deck simply folds under the pressure.

The goal of using it is to hover around 5 mana and drop big threat after big threat each turn until it becomes overwhelming. Xenan Obelisk typically gives you value advantage in midrange mirror matchups, and puts some of your cards out of range of Icestorm. In longer games, if you make it to 8 mana this is also a boon for Obelisk as well.

Again, my favorite thing about this deck is that so far, I have never lost because I ran out of threats to play. Usually when I lose, it's to aggro decks because I can't play threats fast enough and my units keep getting removed by cheap removal such as Vanquish and Annihilate. The deck also doesn't have any healing which means it's tough to recover when you've fallen way behind. That's basically the trade-off for applying endless pressure.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Fuck you JPS control.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 21, 2018

March 15, 2018


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v1.29 - Dead Reckoning

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JTJag Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
I've been trying this deck out, but I swapped Initiate of the Sands for Daraka, Queensguard. Initiate provides a nice early-game boost, but she's fragile and easily removed. And sure, that's removal out of your opponent's deck, but then later in the game when you're in a topdeck situation Initiate is just a completely dead card.

Daraka, meanwhile, does a lot. He's a huge body who activates Dawnwalker and Friendly Wisp, he disrupts the biggest unit on the other side of the board, he can break up an attack, he demands removal. And it definitely feels good to draw him late-game.
Wingflier Eternal Version: 1.29
Those are some good thoughts, I might try that.
flippyflop Eternal Version: 1.29
it's interesting to think about this kind compares to something like:

20 units versus 34, but all 20 of the units being notable threats and given further extension with things like Sunken Tower, but the lynchpin Shepherd's Horn of the deck can become a paperweight against control as the game goes on

whereas with your list, every unit ends up being eventually relevant with Xenan Obelisk. although, it'll be a little likely to trigger Dawnwalker's recursion unless you're in that late game with activated obelisks.

maybe there's some middleground between these strategies? or maybe there's some new potential for a elysian token deck with Venom Rider

anyway, just idle thoughts
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.29
Thanks for sharing.
How this deck works for you on the ladder so far ?
sirsenor Eternal Version: 1.29
I have a similar deck that used echo units with ageless mentor deck to outlast removal pile deck
would use dawnwalker if I had any
slyverine Eternal Version: 1.29
have you ever tried unseal? It can be game changer against decks who rely on harsh rule to clear the board.