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FJS Control - Baited Breath

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I took LoveUP's Control Deck and tweaked it a bit, and made it less expensive, or so that I could afford it. I went 6/3 in this weekend's "New Frontiers" Event (8/5/17)

I like this deck a lot. It even worked well against a Stranger Deck. I'm curious how others would slightly tweak this deck to improve it. I played 3 Ranked matches and went 3/3 tonight. So this appears to be just an average deck, but it is fun to play nonetheless.

I added Bait (4) since there was plenty to kill it, if the enemy was unwilling that was in LoveUp's original cards.

This is LoveUp's original notes on his deck, that pertain to mine as well (thanks LoveUp!)
The main idea is acummulate Cudgels to Shadowlands Feaster. Obviously, it is one of the another possibilities to win with this deck, althought be my favorite. Anyway, another win conditions is Icaria and another things you have to know about resource, how to use it? Harsh Rule to clean, and, i forgot... The sinergy of Shadowlands and Smuggler's Stash. So, i hope u enjoy this deck. My english is awful, and i dont wrtite more, couse i dont know what i write hahahhaha Post your questions and i'll answer... cya!BaitShadowlands FeasterStatuary Maiden

One item of note... Look up meaning or definition of Bated Breath or Baited Breath.


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Influence Requirements
2 2 3

Power Sources
13 14 13 14

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Deck Rarities
12 31 15 5

Card Types
12 3 34 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


August 7, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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