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Birth Bones Jank

Piloted by
Team Not-Tavrod


Cost Curve



Tournament Information

ECL Casual Friday
October 12, 2018


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3 2

Power Sources
15 14 14 18

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
12 21 29 11

Card Types
13 16 26 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 13, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.39 - Into Shadow

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fabest77 Eternal Version:
Hi, I'd like to have some insight about how this deck plays as short-term ramping & Knucklebones seem like a bad idea in the first place.
I think that it's more important to have power to play what Knucklebones draw you than to play the card itself.

So I'm puzzled but excited by this deck!
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version:
I'm puzzled by it too, and I created this thing. This deck is total jank, and it should be looked at through that lens. I made it one day on a lark for fun and to bring to a Friday night tournament. Basically, I wanted to see what Birthright and Bones would be like together. The ramp to 6 and 7 were pretty good, IMO. But you're right, unless you've got the power to play what Knucklebones makes, it's kind of difficult to play. I learned that the hard way. That said, I would also maybe add more early game. The Unseal was basically useless. Icaria in the market was pre-nerf. Maybe little Icaria would work here, but with the double Justice, who knows?
fabest77 Eternal Version:
Thanks for the reply, it's always nice to see some Knucklebones love.