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those grenadin sure do a lot of sacrifices at the shrine lately.

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So this is a bunch of my personal iterations off of Watermelon's excellent ideas here Shrine v2.1. We've seen a lot of Xenan in the gauntlet lists lately and I think the Shrine archetype deserves another examination with the excellent additions of Medibot Station, Gleaming Grenadin, and Razorbot.

This is not an aggro deck. This is a midrange list that hopes to win in the late game with card advantage. Don't attack early unless you know you can get through without losing a unit. Thankfully there's no Defiance in gauntlet.

I know that the Condemn market is questionable and getting Shrine out with Shadow Etchings happens so rarely. But Condemn is my favorite market card and deals with some 1 health threats as well as extends the damage well. pulling Combust always feels good. I prefer Signal Flare to Torch because of the scout. Urgent Missive is for when you need a sacrifice since I'm only running Kindling Carver and Strange Burglar.

One suggestion I want to deal with here is D'Angolo Counterfeiter. I had it in here for a long while, but I could never get it to line up in a good way to get Shrine from the market or to sacrifice well. It just always felt like there was a better option. It feels like it fits here, but I couldn't see the play patterns. Also, I wouldn't count out Two-Face. It's got deadly, it can sacrifice for shrine if you block with it and it's two bodies for Kato, Arena Herald. Seems worth it to me. Maybe Watermelon can expand on why they think it should be left out. :)


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 12, 2021


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