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Veena's doing more dredging--this time, Elysian spells!

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The Great Parliament // Owls and Dragons


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So, more goofing off with Veena's Masterpiece. Might as well call it Thomas the Dank Engine, because it's the little engine that could--ESPECIALLY in Elysian archetypes.

This time, Veena's using her little engine to dredge up...Elysian spells! As everyone knows, this archetype got absolutely SLAUGHTERED by the nerfs aimed at primal around set 9. The old joke prior to set 9 was that Primal was the worst faction in Eternal--and though it made a brief resurgence, it got absolutely nuked back down by nerfs. In the case of Elysian:

Cylix nerfs (affected everyone but Elysian in particular that liked to use Petition to grab a cylix when they troved on 3 pips instead of 4), Jotun Hurler ban (for the uninitiated, it used to be a 3/3 for 5 that had fate: create and draw a snowball), Maveloft Huntress from 2/1 for 2PP to 3/1 for 3PP, and Wump and Mizo's flipped variant from a 6/6 to a 4/4 (absolutely justified. 2 drops shouldn't just run away with the game with no investment).

HOWEVER, with the advent of Icy Scrying and Veena's Masterpiece, I honestly think that this archetype is...playable again. The best deck in the format? Probably not. But in the realm of playability for the Elysian spell aficionados? I honestly think so.

With regard to some slots in both the maindeck and the market, I'm not sure I'm making optimal choices--Linrei Evangel might be better off as a set of Dazzle so that the market has room for Sodi's Spellshaper and the Permafrost might be better off as a Mandatory Retirement if you're scared of relics, or Trials and Tribulations.

In any case, Veena's Masterpiece adds a new axis from which to attack the game--a Plunk with one tap of Veena's suddenly draws **two** cards on hitting. Jarrall at 8 pips with one tap of Veena's will now draw off of any spell, WITHOUT needing to market for an inefficient Sodi's spellshaper that's a one-and-done. Master Conjurer's Skydancers will draw off of it with a whack, no questions asked. Wump and Mizo's snowballs, with a buffed Jarrall at 8 influence, will draw you cards. The different combinations of little synergies between your units and Veena's Masterpiece creates yet another gameplan.

One thing that's also a crazy idea is to fit the elysian touch of battle package in here for maximum Veena's synergy--yetipult, touch of battle, Tamarys. But that would require 12 cuts, which I'm not sure the deck can afford, and then if the deck fails to find Veena's, then that package looks awfully silly.

But in the meantime, for you Ely spells diehards, or just those that joined the game after the deck's heyday and want to have a bit of that Elysian spells experience while remaining competitive with the rest of "throne ladder", take the latest tune-up for a spin.


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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 5

Power Sources
16 25 16

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Deck Rarities
16 19 24 12 4

Card Types
29 5 21 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Awakening [Set1095]


April 15, 2024


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