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Ultra-Budget Rakano Aggro

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The classic Rakano strategy in a very cheap package

This is my favorite ultra-budget (no rares or legendaries) take on the Rakano Aggro deck. As with any aggro deck, you'll notice it is quite low to the ground, with only the minimum 25 power cards. Half of the non-power cards are 1-drops. Don't be afraid to keep a 2 power hand (though without Crest of Glory, I don't recommend keeping a 1 power hand unless you have at least five 1-drops to follow it up.

Early Plays
Your best first play is almost always going to be Oni Ronin or Oni Samurai, especially on the play. On the draw, depending on the first play from your opponent, you may want to play Furyblade to remove their first play, especially if it's a utility unit like Initiate of the Sands.

The Follow-Up
On T2, use Furyblade to remove a blocker, or use an evasion card like Elder's Feather to allow you to attack safely. Even if your attack would mean a trade, it can be worth it for enabling Onslaught. Playing a couple of Oni Patrol on T2 is a great start that many decks will struggle to keep up with.

Card Draw
Like most aggro decks, expect to run out of cards in hand within the first few turns. To counter this, there are a few ways to gain a card advantage. Ghostblade Outcast has Exalted, which means it doubles as a weapon attachment when it dies (tremendous value if it was the recipient of a Warcry or 2). Ornate Katana replaces itself with a free draw. Svetya's Faithful has Warp, so look to play it off the top of the deck, and try to play it after you attack to get the Onslaught bonus. Granite Acolyte plays an Iron Sword on a unit. Oni Quartermaster draws you a card whenever you play a weapon, so look to use it in combination with the many attachments (and alternate attachments from Ghostblade Outcast, Granite Acolyte, and Emerald Coin) the deck has to offer.

A note about Exalted
Some of your strongest plays will be playing your weapons on Ghostblade Outcast. Because of how Exalted works, you'll get that benefit twice (first on Ghostblade Outcast, and again on whatever unit you play the Exalted weapon on).


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1 1

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17 15 10 3

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35 30

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26 13 11 0 25

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Homecoming [Set1005]


October 23, 2020


Eternal Version

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