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A Family Infestation: The Ticking of the ClockRoaches

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This deck's received a complete overhaul. I decided to more all in on the echo/duplication gameplan with Clockroach with Vara, Vengeance-Seeker and Caiphus, Wandering King as larger finisher minions.

I run cards like Swear Vengeance Excavation Meditation Twinning Ritual and Mirror Image in order to duplicate and then topdeck Clockroach procing it's echo over and over. I also run lategame Elysian Pathfinder to get potential echo onto Vara or Caiphus to then begin the loop with them too.

Revenge + Echo is an absolutely brutal combination as yes, both work together so when destiny triggers you get out 2 Clockroach onto the board. Twinning Ritual helps duplicate the Roaches in hand so you can get more buffs onto them and Mirror Image helps duplicate them on field, especially when paired with Swear Vengeance for a 4 mana combo to get 2 Revenge/Echo Clockroach. Then once a Destiny Roach is killed you Excavate it onto the top of the deck only for 2 of them to pop back onto the field the following turn even bigger.

Swear Vengeance and Meditation are also fast spells so are perfect for responding to your opponents removal, Meditation is also fantastic for dodging silences or transforms that could potentially completely derail your gameplan and turn it into even more dangerous minions coming out in the future.

The Ultimate meme dream is to obviously have an Echo/Destiny Caiphus, Wandering King, duplicate it then top deck 1. No this deck is not great, no it is not worth your shiftstone if you don't have all the cards, it is simply a fun, meme deck to play taking what other people like to do with Clockroaches, Vara and Caiphus to the absolute extreme. So craft this at your own risk.


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13 31 14 4 6

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16 1 36 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 22, 2018

October 20, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.39 - Into Shadow

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Revisions (Since last major patch) October 22, 2018


ArKan3 Eternal Version:
I mean i'll be honest after playtesting this deck a few tiomes, it is a complete mess of steaming hot garbage. I mean you're all welcome to takr this idea or template for a deck and run with it, but don't expect this to win any games as it is. I do like thew Meditates though, i run them in my Caiphus deck to help him dodge silence removal.
Marcos Eternal Version:
I think about trying to work in a few Meditates for Echoing Vara. That way, alongside the Excavates, you can put her on top of your deck from the void or from play.
ArKan3 Eternal Version:
The deck's been completely overhauled, feel free to check out the new list.
cxrcuit1 Eternal Version:
Just saying but you can also try to implament 1 to 3 haunting screams to make it really crazy
ArKan3 Eternal Version:
The deck's been completely overhauled, feel free to check out the new list.