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Budget Mono Green (Justice) Stompy

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Hey Guys! This deck is something I come up with to play with weapons and units with warcry. I also wanted to play with Inspire since it is one of my favorite cards in Eternal. This deck actually didn't turn out too bad, it by far isn't the best deck ever and probably not even the best build you could do for a mono Justice stompy, but it is fun and can win games. The basic idea is to abuse warcry and weapons to create giant units and go all stompy on our opponent's face. This deck can have some major tempo swings by suiting up Silverwing Familiar or Brightmace Paladin to get huge life swings and pull ahead out of nowhere. Hero of the People along with the previously mentioned Silverwing Familiar and Brightmace Paladin and basically any unit with skills is another way to kind of get your opponent out of nowhere and pull ahead. Another thing to look for is curve. This deck can have some killer curves like Crownwatch Paladin or Minotaur Grunt into turn 3 Gilded Glaive into turn 4 Stalwart Shield. When you start this curve with Crownwatch Paladin, it is very hard for most decks to come back from it. All in all, this deck is pretty fun and cheap so I highly recommend it if you want an alright deck for ladder and/or a great deck for gauntlet. Thanks for reading!


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May 17, 2017


Eternal Version
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