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Rise of the Grenadin (featuring Jimmy and Bimmy)

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So this deck was the one I brought to the ECQ. I'm very satisfied where it ended up, though the Maul matchup works out horribly.

So this is a modified Scrappy Hour list with even more grinding potential than usual. It's not the easiest deck to play, but there's a few cards to note here. Xo, the Steward of the Past in the market, and Kaleb's Intervention.

Xo is here to be both card draw and another must remove threat, and the dragon either eats removal like a champ so a Gearcruncher or a Witching Hour can just romp all over the field, or takes it over himself. You don't need to juggle him in this sort of deck; it has enough card draw as is.
Steward of the Past, on the other hand, hates on void interaction in a big and meaningful way. If you cast this on reanimator when they dump a Vara and Azindel in the void, they are very sad (and probably very dead). He also puts in some work against FJS, removing Display of Ambition's big value plays lethal edge.

Then there's Kaleb's Intervention. "Why include this? There's better things to do!" ....Not really, honestly. Unless you really want to tech in Corrupt or put in Quarries over it. But this is not only a meta call, but all 3 modes are quite useful. A 1/1 grenadin fuels your engines, and can serve as an emergency Devour target. The overwhelm on a Scraptank or Gearcruncher can push through the last points of damage you need to win. And the attachment removal... did I mention Permafrost is not too great or popular currently? It removes Chains, Weights, Xenan Obelisk... valid targets are all over the place.

Oh, and never run this in Gauntlet. It's terrible there for some reason.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 17, 2019


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