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TJP Heroes (top 5 master and 7:0 LCQ)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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This is the deck that I played to top 5 master this month (22:3) and to a 7:0 in my first run of the LCQ event and at least 2 other people got their 7:0 with it too. It is a slightly different take on the typical Ambassador decks that have seen a lot of play in this expedition format basically since set 12 came out, because I decided to go for a 3 faction version that includes the best of Ely and Hooru heroes. This deck is more aggressive than most Ely and Hooru hero lists despite it being 3 faction, but it can also grind out games against slower decks with cards like Xultan Ambassador or Javan, the Steel Crest.
A good hand for this deck includes at least 3 power (Steyer's Eyes is power if you can play it and Seek Power is always power), but sometimes 2 power can be good enough (if you have double Plunk Wumpkin and a Gold-Plated Revolver and go first for example). Some 3 power hands can also be awkward if you draw too many seats without drawing as sigil or at least a Greater Plans. If we assume that you don't know what your opponent is playing then your hand should just include a decent curve (most importantly a 2 drop and a 3 drop and then maybe another option for one of those or a 4 drop). Some cards are better when you go first (Plunk, Teryius, Martial Master) and some more important when you go second (Kothon, the Far-Watcher, Kehanya, Skilled Caster), but almost any combiantion of good early units (around 2-4) is good.
Against aggro (mostly different variations of League Explorer + D'Angolo Houndmaster decks) you want to get onto the board early. The endurance units are all great because they dodge Manacles and Permafrost (Helena, Skyguide can even counter them if they are played on your other units) and because they can attack while still preventing attacks. Steyer's Eyes is a great card to stabilise after you took some hits because of Crownwatch Tactics. Kehanya has a great defensive statline and can silence cheap flyers and other problematic cards like Houndmaster. The biggest problems are aegis unit + Gemblazer Cannon and Helena if you have no way to block or race her, but most of the time you should be able to set up a good enough block or to race your opponent, making aggro a really good matchup.
Against other midrange decks (Other primal heroes decks, AP Mid, Xenan Mid...) you usually want to be the more aggressive player (although it can depend on who goes first and who has the more aggressive hand of course). That means that you want to get onto the board early again and curve out well. It's especially important to punish the low tempo-high value plays that a lot of midrange decks have right now, either because of cards they play (like Ambassador or Sindain's Bracers) or because they play a higher amount of situational cards, which means that they can't curve out as consistently as this deck does.Getting that consistency was also the reason for why I didn't include more removal. Some cards that are great for that are Plunk, Helena, Teryius and Velise, Bear Rider. Revolver also gets really good in these matchups, especially if you can stick it on an aegis or endurance unit (but keep in mind that Ice Bolt can go through aegis now). This is also the best matchup for Alessi's Choice because it can seal some games in which you were already ahead when your opponent plays a big unit. Kehanya is the only answer to Ambassador, but that hasn't been a big problem for me so far because, as I already said, you can punish early Ambassadors with aggressive plays instead of removing it. You can play out your own Ambassadors relatively freely in this matchup, especially against most primal hero decks, because they don't have much removal for it, but usually it's better to go for a higher tempo play instead.
Against control (mostly Argenport and Stonescar, sometimes Combrei) you want to start aggressively, but you also want to be a bit more careful with your resources. Aegis units become a lot more important as a security valve against board wipes. Speaking of board wipes: don't overextend if you expect a board wipe. 2 decent units are usually enough to put pressure on the opponent, some units are even good enough on their own to force out (mass) removal (for example Javan). Ambassador also becomes really important in these matchups and you shouldn't play it out empty if you don't have to. Ambassador + a decent hero unit can often be enough to force out a board wipe. Lastly: against shadow control decks (and also some shadow midrange decks) you want to keep something in hand that you don't need that much so that you can discard it to Zido, Cabal Housecat or Eavesdrop). Although sometimes you can also just play out your whole hand, but keep in mind that that can punished by board wipes.
Good luck and have fun!

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1 2 2

Power Sources
8 12 11 10 4

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4 22 26 8 4

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38 4 8 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


December 18, 2021


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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BadgerW4 Eternal Version: 21.12.16
This is a GREAT deck! Truly! It's so great, that now probably 50% of the decks I play against in Expedition are either this or some variant of this. Of course, I'm equally guilty, so can't complain. ;)
Shukal Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Thanks so much for posting this!
I just wanted my premium Wisdom of the Elders and I went 7-1 with this.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Congrats, good to hear that I could help!
efertik Eternal Version: 21.12.16
The card I really really don’t understand is Alessi’s Choice. I mean, what the heck does it hit in Expedition anyway? When I took this for a spin, inevitably the Choice sat in my hand doing nothing. Again other hero decks, about the only card it hits is Velise. I don’t know exactly what to replace it with (Ice Bolt might be best at the moment) but it sticks out like sore thumb in an otherwise good deck.
LordPerth Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
I could see replacing Alessi's Choice with something like Ice Bolt, but I rarely had a problem with finding a target for it. Against other Hero decks it can hit Velise, Torgov, Hojan, Jada and pretty much anything that is equipped with a Revolver. Against AP mid/control it hits the expensive inscribes (Hojan, Plating and Spire Loyalist), Jada and Mindbreaker Staff (and in the worst case you can discard it to a Zido) and against aggro it can hit units that have a Cannon equiped or that got hit by warcry buffs (it's not great against aggro, but that hasn't been a problem yet). It will occasionally sit in your hand for a few turns, but this deck is mostly concerned about bigger units, so if there is no valid target for it you will be in a good spot more often than you wont (although it will hurt that it misses Ambassador and Helena in some games).
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Mortals may experience lesser results.